Pisces, Libra, Cancer: THESE zodiac signs romanticise their toxic relationships

Are you staying in a relationship inspite of it being toxic? Do you think that your partner will change in the future? If yes, then read below to find out if your zodiac sign is the one that romanticises toxic relationships.
Pisces, Libra, Cancer: THESE zodiac signs romanticise their toxic relationshipsPisces, Libra, Cancer: THESE zodiac signs romanticise their toxic relationships
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Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings ever. But at times, things that start on a great note, not always remain the same. Some couples are all over each other at the start, but with time, things change, and partners change too. Some people leave their partners when things become toxic, while others like to treat it as a rough phase in the hope of a better future. 


It's easy to judge people who romanticise their toxic relationships but it's difficult to understand why they do so. When people romanticise their toxic relationship instead of seeing them in their true light, they only look at their positive traits. They make a picture of this perfect partner in their head and start fictionalising it more. Since astrology is a guide for our personalities, some zodiac signs romanticise their partners more than others. Read below to find out which zodiac signs are they. 




Pisces are kind and always try to see the best in others. Being romantic by nature, they will live in their bubble if things are not perfect in their life. They want to be in a relationship so desperately, that they'll overlook any flaws and failings. 





Capris don't get into relationships easily. So if they are in a relationship with someone, it means that they are truly in love. Capris wouldn't like it if they come to know that they are wrong about their partner, and hence will romanticise their partner with hopes that they'll get it together and change. 




If Librans know that their partner is terrible, they'll try to make things work instead of calling out their partner. They hate unnecessary confrontation, and having an honest talk has the possibility of turning into one, meaning Libra will recreate their partner in their mind of how they want them to be. 




Cancerians don't give up on people they love, and will stay with their toxic partner to see them in a better light. They don't want to look like a fool, so they will romanticise their partners to themselves and the people in their lives. Cancerians tend to romanticise their exes and the longer the time since they were together, the more incredible their ex becomes.




Sagittarians are optimistic, and if their partner is horrible now, they'll still hope for the best in the future. Sagis have a large heart and will love even their partner even if they don't deserve it. Sagis believe they can change their partner, even if everything indicates otherwise.

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