Planning to get in an open relationship? Here are some rules which you should follow

Every relationship needs some rules even if it does not follow social norms. No relationship can work without some basic ground rules to keep you and your partner grounded.
Open Relationship Guide And RulesPlanning to get in an open relationship? Here are some rules which you should follow
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An open relationship is a relationship where a couple, with mutual consent, decides that they will be in a non-monogamous relationship. They are both allowed to be physically intimate with other people but emotional intimacy has to be kept sacred in such a relationship. Monogamy is the standard type of relationship that exists in our society because anything beyond that is always wrong. While polygamy is okay when a religion allows it, it is not the same for the people of other religions.

So, if you are planning to have an open relationship you better be very careful and discrete about it because if it comes out in the open it won’t be easy to deal with the families and the society. But that isn’t the only thing you should be worried about if you’re planning to open up your relationship. Even an open relationship needs some ground rules to ensure that things run smoothly. Here are some rules you should have if you’re in an open relationship.

1. Ensure that you both get tested for STI and STDs regularly and ensure that you have protected sex with whoever you are involved with.

2. Emotional intimacy boundaries are important. Ensure that you have some emotional boundaries to ensure that your relationship does face any backlash.

3. Decide who you can get involved with. You won’t be comfortable if your partner is sleeping with his or her ex. Set boundaries on who you can and cannot sleep with. You don’t want to run into someone you or your partner has slept with at a social gathering.

4. If you or your partner feel jealous and struggle with emotions, don’t bottle them up. Share it with each other and talk about your emotions.

5. Don’t forget to tell your partner how much you love them each and every day. An open relationship may put some distance between you and your partner so don’t forget to remind them that the love between you both isn’t lost.

6. Communicate with each other and put a brake on the open relationship if things don’t work well. Sometimes taking a step back is important for your own relationship.

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