REAL habits that indicate you are in a toxic relationship and need to break it off immediately

Know the signs before it is too late to make amends
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We love to love. The feeling, the idea and everything else around it. The idea of it sends us to new heights and we never want to get back again. Romantic films and songs also fuel this desire which sends us reeling and wishing for it. 
Most relationships start off beautifully. They are a bed of roses until suddenly they are not. They grow, change and then crash and burn back to the ground. Once you get to know a person well enough, the habits that you once loved and found adorable then become annoying and awful. 
The problem is that the signs that your relationship is toxic might be there all along. It starts with affecting your self-esteem and can happen to the strongest people as well. And while all relationships are worth fighting for, the toxic ones will always end.
Here are some signs of a toxic relationship that you can spot before it gets too late:
Nothing you do is right
In a toxic relationship, you eventually realise that no matter what you do, your partner is always dissatisfied. Everything you say or do or even don't do managed to upset your partner. That's when you stop saying anything at all and just go along with everything they say without expressing yourself. When you are tiptoeing around in your own relationship, its time you understand that you are no the problem. 
Growth is seen as a threat
In order for relationships to last, there needs to be growth. And growth should be in all aspects of your life. Effort should be made by both parties so there is no stagnation. Stagnation often leads to boredom which is never a good thing in a relationship. 
There is constant jealousy and doubt
Since we are all human, jealous is normal. But all healthy relationships have partners who trust each other. If there are constant statements like "you really looked like you enjoyed talking to that girl" or "don't you think you hang out too much with that boy?" you know you're in the pits. This leads to your partner questioning who you were with, constant updates of your whereabouts and the need to control everything. If there is no trust in a relationship, there is nothing to hold on to. 
There is a scorecard
We have got to understand that even the best people make mistakes and say and do stupid things. But once these mistakes have been resolved, they should not be brought up repeatedly. The first sign of a toxic relationship is that these same mistakes made by your partner are brought up over and over again. This is sure to kill even the healthiest relationship and eventually lead to a fallout. This is a form of manipulation and control and is incredibly unhealthy. 
"No" is not an option anymore
Just because you love somebody, it does not mean you can't disagree with them. "No" should never be struck off from your vocabulary. If you are not okay with what your partner is saying or the way they are behaving, you need to communicate it to them. If you are being accepted by them only when you are agreeing with them, it is about time you say no to the entire relationship. Discussions and disagreements are what keep relationships healthy. Stop being a puppet.
Putting your partner above everybody else
When you get into a relationship, most of your time is taken by your partner. But it is important to maintain the other relationships in your life as well. Your close friends and family should not take a back seat just because of your relationship. And if your partner demands that you only spend time with them and cut off ties with everybody else, you need to break it off immediately!
Whether it is physical or verbal, if you are being abused by your partner, it is a dealbreaker 
Always remember that being in a toxic relationship has nothing to do with how you are as a person. All you need is some strength and courage to be able to get out of it. It might be difficult to be by yourself at first, but you will eventually feel free. 
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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement