REAL reasons why every 20 something is unhappy even after achieving great milestones

Happiness is not a choice. It’s a right! Love yourself, because darling, you’re pure gold!
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Tell me the last time you were actually happy? The last time you were so over the moon that your happiness could not be contained? The last time you went to bed peacefully? The last time you looked around and just hopelessly smiled? The last time when you soaked up the sun and basked in all the warmth? Don’t remember, right? Well, don't you worry child, as you’re definitely not alone! You have a bunch of folks who under a blanket of silence feel every inch of this confusion, every inch of this pain, every inch of this struggle.


You know what the biggest problem with our ever so increasing dilemma is? The answer to that is very simple, its the idea of us not wanting to let go off our childhood. While many and believe me “many” would disagree with this but it's a legit fact. While we may portray a strong demeanour of being unfazed by the complications that life throws, the fact of the hour is that you’re breaking within every passing minute. While you pretend to be mature, you are actually hating the fact that you’re adulting. And you know what? You will never accept this fact and this is where the biggest problem lies. How can one ever come to terms with complexities when the field of acceptance remains untouched?


Listed below are reasons why every 20 something is unhappy even after achieving great milestones.



You are beating yourself more than you should

When was the last time you sat back and patted your back to just applaud your own journey? From being an underconfident person to now into an identity of your own? The height of the mountain does not matter, the journey does. So, take a moment, appreciate yourself for the beautiful individual that you’ve flowered into. Someone who has fought their own battles, however big or small and have come out even stronger.


You are always chasing

Be it with your job, your personal life, or with your self-growth, there’s never a moment when you actually sit back and breath. You are forever chasing. Inspite of bagging the job that you’ve worked so hard for, you are left unhappy because you want more. Having said that, while that is a great motivational drive as well, you should always know when to draw the line. When to stop and just breathe.



You value your work more than your personal life

The times that we are living in today where money is valued more than relationships, it is a sad state of affair that your job has become your only identity. That famous meme of “It's better to be heartbroken in a Mercedez than be driven around with your partner in a small car” unfortunately is turning out to be true. But you know what, when you’ve achieved it all, loaded yourself with tonnes of money, travelling to the fanciest places, drinking the most expensive wine, you are actually doing it all alone. You’re empty, hollow, just a body with no purpose to look forward to and no happy face to come back home to.


You are enveloping yourself in unwanted competition

That’s true. While competition is healthy, don't push it to a point where you run into a tsunami of your own making. Work, work hard! Prove your mettle but not by tossing up your peace or your social life.  


You are always comparing your life with that of others

I don't think Mark Zuckerberg himself had thought of what disaster he was creating for the human life when he came up with Facebook. Social media has become that invisible devil that hounds every individual’s life. It tumbles the living self-esteem of everyone as they scroll through each individual’s social stories. It's that canvas which is painted with lies and those lies further create a confidence crisis which is responsible for our own disaster.


Happiness is not a choice. It’s a right! Love yourself, because darling, you’re pure gold!


Every point mentioned in there.. one can relate to at so many levels!! And I absolutely love the thought ‘Love yourself, because darling you’re pure gold’!!
Well said Ms Avantika. Your work is really inspiring and purposeful!! Loved the article!!
Thanks for amazing advices on there!! Cheers

I am happy always. How else to be? This essay will confuse readers. Instead watch Sadguru videos and you will surely get a solution

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