REAL signs that you’re in a one sided romantic relationship and they are not in love with you

A relationship these days is based on calculations and practicality and the insecurity stakes are much higher
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With the ever changing pace of the World, relationships have lost their value and depth in its due course. They have become more fragile, weak and extremely brittle. Gone are the days when a love story was made up of two hearts with pure and passionate love. A relationship these days is based on calculations and practicality and the insecurity stakes are much higher.


Its funny how almost all the millennials were brought up reading fairy tales but unfortunately the reality of it all is far from being true. The western influence has definitely enveloped our country, this living generation wherein the rates of divorces and breakups are only climbing up the ladder. People are becoming more and more commitment phobic and the idea of a happily ever after is slowly but steadily fading away. Competition, ambition, ego clashes are another reason why relationships are falling flat but the biggest of them all is not having the assurity if the other person in the relationship is equally in love with you, as you, if not more.


With every passing day relationships have only and only becoming more and more toxic. However, it’s time you take control over your heart and if the following signs prove true then you are definitely involved in a major one sided romantic relationship.



You’re in none of their future plans

Has it ever happened with you that you guys are discussing about the future, about your individual ambitions, about your career, life ahead and he/she does not even mention you? If that is the case then wake up as they are definitely not thinking anything with you seriously and are maybe not even thinking long term.


If they cancel plans with you just to make plans with their group of friends

When someone is genuinely not into you they’d take everything with you for granted. If they have something interesting coming up, then be sure as they are most likely to cancel their plans with you. While a couple of times could be understood, but, if they make this a pattern then it is time for you to wake up.


They avoid making you meet their friends

It is true human nature that when you do not want a relationship to escalate then you stop/cut it off from the bottom itself. In the same manner, if the one you are romantically involved with is genuinely not into you then they’ll end up not making you meet their closed ones. This is majorly because they are unsure about the relationship and about you.



If they get irritated when you point out their mistake

Couples fighting is an extremely common norm and one which is healthy as well (to a point) as it brings the two closer. However, if they get irritated with you at the drop of a hat then things are not as light as they may seem. It simply means that they are being tied down in this relationship and it is not as important to them as it is to you.


They stop texting/calling you

Communication is an extremely essential tool in a relationship. If your partner stops calling and texting you and is no more interested in what you are doing then it is a clear signal that you’re in a one sided relationship.


Heartbreaks are but natural, they cause unbearable pain and one that pricks the living soul. However, be the BOSS you deserve to be. Get your cues, gather your heart and mind whenever you feel there is something fishy. No one and literally no one can play with your heart till the time you know it’s true worth. So keep your head held high as your perfect partner is waiting to lay down the entire universe for you to walk upon it.


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