Reignite your romance: 8 things you can do to get the sparks flying in your relationship again!

Don't let the romance die. Follow these tips to save your relationship!

Updated on Dec 01, 2018 06:59 PM IST  |  2.9M
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According to research, couples who are happy lead healthier lives. With companionship, effort and support, relationships remain long-lasting and successful. 
But after a while, all relationships turn stale. They become mundane and almost routine-like. And all of a sudden being in a relationship becomes more of a task! The passion frizzles out, as there is no newness anymore. But we know that love, shouldn't be a task. 
Here are some tips you can follow that are sure to get the sparks flying again:
Give your gadgets a break
One of the biggest hinderances to modern relationships are mobile phones. Ever caught yourself tuning out everything your partner is saying while scrolling through Instagram? This often leads to serious fights. If your partner is paying attention, the least you can do is respect their time and words and give them the undivided attention. How would you feel if they were more interested in that video than what you were saying?
Recreate your first date
Whether it means going back to that same cafe or restaurant or watching the same film you watched with your partner on your first date, you should try it! It will ignite the same feelings and you will reminiscence about your past which will eventually bring you two closer. 
Take a break
Sometimes, all you need to do is spend time together. Everybody is caught up at work. Everybody has priorities they need to attend to at all times. But it is also important to make time for your partner even if that means taking a break from everything else. So, next time you feel distanced from your spouse, follow plan a relaxing vacation and sip some mimosas by the beach sheltered by straw hats!
Be spontaneous
Ditch those Saturday night date nights and head out in the middle of the week instead! If your partner is the one always cooking, join them in the kitchen - lend a helping hand by chopping up some veggies or keeping an eye on the stove. Maybe order out once in a while to take a break from that ghar ka khaana and double up on some cheesy pizza! 
Level up the flirting
Don't let the romance die. Whether it is cheesy comments, complimenting your partner's outfit, their work, texting them heart emojis in the middle of the day, try it all. It is sure to bring a smile on their face and bring back that spark.
Explore your city
It is very likely that despite residing in the same place, parts of your city still remain unexplored. There are multiple heritage walks/horror night walks that take place in every city. This will enable you to spend more time with your partner and give you so much more to talk about and discuss! 
Cultivate your own interests
Your partner fell in love with the person you were when they first met you. At that point, you had your own passions, interests and opinions on a range of things. Whether it means creating a new painting every week, going for a serious film alone or playing that sport you used to love, generate your own interest again. If you find yourself interesting again, your partner is sure to as well! 
Don't let issues pile up. If there is something bothering you, if you want more attention less criticism, or anything else, talk about it. And once these issues are sorted out, let them free. Don't hold grudges. The key in every healthy relationship is communication. 
The key to a healthy relationship is being there together. Spending time together. Find different ways to do it, and you will be happier, together! Are there any other tips that helped you reignite the romance with your partner? Let us know in the comment section below!
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