Relationship Advice: 6 tell tale signs that it’s not working anymore

Have you been thinking about breaking up with your partner? Read this article to end the dilemma.
Relationship Advice: 6 tell tale signs that it’s not working anymore
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Are things not like they used to be between you and your partner? Something is bothering you. The magic is no longer there. You argue every time you talk to each other. The problem doesn't seem to go away. You are trying to patch things up but just not able to. So, you ask yourself: "Is it a phase?" "Should we take a break?” or "Is it time to call it quits?"   

It’s never easy to answer this question. It’s a decision that will change your life and theirs. But it might be the best decision of your life. But it could be bad too, which is why it is crucial to understand that you should have a solid reason to break up with your partner unless you want to regret it for the rest of your life.

Keeping that in mind, here is how you know when it’s time to end your relationship. 

You don’t feel like yourself 

If you don’t feel like yourself in a relationship, how will you manage it? You deserve to be in a relationship where you can act yourself. This will also spare you and your partner the pain. 

Your partner doesn’t show interest 

Do you feel like you’re the only one making efforts? Are they not showing interest in your life? Showing interest doesn’t mean that they should be at every event you attend or with you 24/7 but they should be making an effort to be with you. If you find yourself begging for attention then you should consider that a red flag. 

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You don’t feel loved 

The perk of being in a relationship is that someone makes you feel special. But if that is missing, what’s the point? In life, some inevitable moments come that make us weak and, in those moments, you don’t want to be with a partner who doesn’t build your confidence back up. That is the last thing you’d want when the going gets tough. 

You have trust issues 

You might have heard it a billion times, but trust is the pillar that keeps a relationship strong. If you don’t trust each other, there is no point going forward in the relationship. A certain amount of jealousy and uneasiness is okay in the beginning. But once you have reached the peak, then trust has to be there. 

You think you’ve invested too much to let go now 

If the main reason you’re staying in this relationship is that you’ve invested too much or if you’ll break up, you will not be able to find someone else. Then sorry to state the obvious, you need to end it now. Don’t settle for a person you feel pressured to be with. 

You don’t share the same values

Every relationship goes through the process of compromise and negotiation, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your values completely. Giving up on them might work for you now but not in the long run. It will all come crumbling down if you don’t realise that your values are too distinctive to align together. 

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