Relationship Advice: 8 Tips to diffuse a fight with your partner

We cannot completely avoid fights and arguments in a relationship but there are ways to cool things down and make your fights more productive by using positive statements.
Relationship Advice: 8 Tips to diffuse a fight with your partner
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Couples fight and there's nothing uncommon about it. Fights and arguments are common in every relationship and are a part and parcel of love life. It's completely healthy to fight and argue about things as long as your fights don't cross the line and become toxic and unhealthy. It is very important to ensure that you and your partner have an effective fight and argument because that makes your relationship productive and grow. While most people believe that not fighting at all is a sign of a healthy relationship but it actually isn't. Sometimes couples tend to fight over petty and trivial matters that do not go anywhere and when you see a fight like that it's best to diffuse the situation and prevent it from going further. While there is no sure shot way to prevent a fight or an argument in a relationship but there are ways to calm your partner down and turn the situation into an effective debate or productive conversation instead of a meaningless fight.

Here are some ways to diffuse a fight with your partner. 

1. Tell your partner that you love them but you also don't like fighting with them. This will help them calm down a little and make things smoother. No one wants to fight with their partner and being told that can help smoothen out the wrinkle in a moment. 

2. Apologise for losing your temper and ask them to give you some time to cool down and then address the problems properly again but remain calm while you do it. 

3. Let your partner know when they start to get personal and attack you and also tell them when you begin to feel defensive. Letting your partner know when they're being hurtful can help them stop and rephrase their sentence. 

4. Apologise where it's necessary. It's okay to apologise and tell your partner that you made a mistake by taking things too far. Owning up your mistakes will cool down the situation. 

5. We often tend to lose our anger on our partner and use them as a punching bag and vent it out but it's okay to apologise and tell them your problems and take their help. This will help your partner understand your behaviour. 

6. Let them know that their behaviour makes you uncomfortable. It's okay to tell your partner that their anger and reaction is scaring you and it will help them cool down. No one wants to scare their partner. 

7. We may not do something intentionally to hurt them but sometimes we unintentionally hurt our partner and it's okay to tell them that. It's okay to apologise and tell your partner that you're sorry for making them feel a certain way. 

8. Let your partner know when you don't understand what they're trying to put across. We often fail to explain and understand when we're fighting but when someone says that they don't understand the other person will calm down and take the time to explain the problem. 

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