Relationship Advice: 9 Red flags you should never ignore in a relation

Red flags or deal breakers should never be ignored in a relationship. Read on to know more.
Relationship Advice: 9 Red flags you should never ignore in a relation Relationship Advice: 9 Red flags you should never ignore in a relation
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After a breakup, do you often say “It was like this from the beginning, I just didn’t notice?” You’re not alone. When you’re in love, you choose only to look at the bright side of the relationship and ignore the red flags. It is not your fault completely. You will only see it when your relationship hits a rough patch but by that time it is often too late. And it's super frustrating to realize that you overlooked the signs all along. 

There is no need to beat yourself up about it. Missing red flags is very common and easy in relationships. Although it is easy to ignore small red flags like your partner’s bad habits, it is not healthy. It is important to pay attention to what’s really going on in the relationship. Every relation has its own set of red flags and deal breakers which you should notice while you are in a relationship to save yourself the pain of going through the agony.  Yes, it won’t be easy to notice the red flags and calling your partner for it can be even more difficult for you.

To help you out, here are 10 red flags you should never ignore in a relationship:

They treat you like an option 

In a healthy relationship, you should never feel like you are the second choice. Someone who sincerely loves you will never make you question your stand in the relationship. If they keep treating you like an option over and over again without being concerned – it's time to wrap things up! 

They shut you off every time you try to solve a problem 

Problems and disagreements are a major and inevitable part of every relationship. But it can only be solved by two people coming together in harmony to work things out. But if your partner walks away or shuts you down every time you try to solve a problem, it is one big red flag you should not ignore. 

They don’t respect your boundaries

It is important to have certain boundaries in a relationship and in life. If your partner tries to push your boundaries even after you tell them to stop, this is a sign that tells you that they don’t respect you.  

They say mean things – all the time 

Words have the power to pierce the body and damage the soul. And nothing hurts more than it coming from the one person you love. But the thing is that we say hurtful things only to the ones we love. However, when this becomes a pattern and they don’t let a single moment slip without insulting you, that’s a bad omen for your relationship. 

They don’t take responsibility for anything 

Every time something goes wrong in the relationship, it automatically becomes your fault. That can be true for a few times but you can’t possibly be the reason for all the problems in your relationship.

You give more to the relationship than they do 

If you never get a say in your relationship and it’s all about what they and what they want, that’s a red flag. If your partner loves you then he or she will respect your opinions too. They will listen to you too. 

They treat you differently around others

Does your partner’s dual personality confuse you? If they behave a certain way when you guys are alone and change completely when you’re around people, chances are they are not being genuine about their feelings. To be honest, it doesn’t matter if they are being fake around you or those other people.  

They have a habit of lying 

Trust is the building block of a healthy relationship. Being truthful is what makes it thrive. If you think that your significant other has been lying to you, even about small things is a red flag. If they are lying about the small things, they can’t be trusted when it comes to the big stuff either. 

They threaten you that they will break up 

It is never okay in a relationship to threaten your partner. Under no circumstances should you stay with a person who forces you to do anything. It is not healthy for your relationship and you as well. 

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