Relationship Advice: 9 ways to attract your man all over again

It is difficult to keep your relationship interesting after years of being together. Here are some tips to reignite the spark and attract your man once again.
relationship advice,Love & Relationships,Attract your ManRelationship Advice: 9 ways to attract your man all over again
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It is all butterflies-in-your-stomach romantic at the beginning of the relationship, but over time the romantic energy and sexual tension wear down. This is something that almost every couple faces somewhere down the line and it can easily be fixed. Reigniting the spark in your relationship isn’t as challenging as you might think. All you need to do is make a little effort. 

If you’re someone looking to be more attractive to your man, this article is for you. There is nothing wrong with trying to be more attractive for the person you love. In fact, it is a beautiful intention to let the relationship be more exciting. But one thing to keep in mind, men think differently than women so flowers aren’t going to cut it.

Here are some simple ways to be more attractive to the man in your life:

Be knowledgeable 

Nobody likes a dimwit! And knowledge is something you can acquire by being more aware and by reading. A well-read woman who can hold a discussion and keep it going surely attracts a man. A woman’s beauty combined with intelligence is something a man can’t resist. 

Take initiative 

Remember the time when you two were flirtatious? Bring that back to the relationship. Be the one to initiate intimacy to show him that you care. This is more about keeping your man than attracting him. 

Take care of yourself

You don’t have to look glam-ready all the time. All you need to do is keep in mind that hygiene and health are important for everyone in a relationship. Being hygienic and fit shows that you take care of yourself and it will help you feel confident. And that confidence will definitely attract your man. 

Give him some space 

Let him hang out with his friends. If you never give him his time, you might come off as too controlling. So, tell him to have fun and enjoy the day with friends. Thinking how this will help? Well, you man will definitely come back to you thinking how understanding and considerate you are. 

Compliment him 

Men might not be big fans of compliments, but they wouldn't mind one once in a while. Give him a genuine compliment to let him know he is appreciated. Praise him for things he is least confident about and the things that are central to his identity. Just make sure whatever compliment you give him, it has to come straight from the heart. 

Be more expressive 

Regardless of how long you guys have been together, your man might not always know what’s going on in your head. So, express your love to show how much you value him. Talk to him when you want something, especially when it comes to things to do in bed

Show interest in his interests 

The effort is all that counts. Showing interest in something they like is a great way of showing them you care and value them. Not only will make him more attracted to you, but it will also help you guys build a stronger bond. 

Be spontaneous 

It is easy for the hustle and bustle of life to take a toll on your love life. You might get so busy that you don’t even understand when the relationship went south. One of the most common causes is that your relationship has become boring. 

Solution – Be spontaneous! When your man sees how you are making an effort to be more spontaneous, he will respond with even more excitement. The next time he thinks of you, he knows that you guys will have a good time together. 

Show him your fun side 

Sense of humour is an important aspect of intellectual compatibility. It will give you a common ground to connect and make it easier for him to make silly jokes around you. After all, humour makes awkward situations less awkward. Plus, it is great to be able to share jokes after years of being together. 

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