Relationship Advice: Here are 7 rules that every millennial couple needs to maintain their relationship

Millennial relationships are different and love seems to have changed and so have the rules of dating but this also means that the new-gen couples need different boundaries and ground rules for a healthy and happy relationship.
Relationship Advice: Here are 7 rules that every millennial couple needs to maintain their relationship
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People, love and relationships change with time. As time changes it's also important for love and relationships to evolve as well. This is why the relationships have changed with the new generation. The Millenials are different and want different things from life, unlike the old generation. Getting into relationships has become easier and the definition of love has changed with time and generation. With social media and different dating apps, relationships and love have also become more complicated and tricky and every relationship needs rules and boundaries to keep things going smoothly. Along with love, couples and relationships, the rules of relationships also need to change. The new generation of couples feel differently about love and relationships and have managed to change the dating world. This is why ground rules are important in order to maintain a relationship and keep it going smoothly.

Here are some relationship rules that every millennial couple needs.

1. Social media has become a large part of our lives and it's important that every couple set some social media rules for their relationship that suits them. Set some ground rules about how you both want to handle people who slide into your DMs or hit on you.

2. The definition of love has changed with time and this generation but that does not change the fact that we expect loyalty in our relationships. Being faithful and honest in a relationship is very important even in today's time.

3. No matter how much you trust each other, both of you need to get off dating apps and while it may be fun to simply scroll on dating apps and check out people but it's not okay. It's important that you respect each other and your relationship enough to get off dating apps.

4. In today's time, space plays a big role in a healthy relationship. We all love being around our partner and spending time with them but couples need to understand the importance of space and value boundaries.

5. The longer you take to reply the more insecure your partner will feel. Giving a quick response to texts can go a long way in making your partner feel special and remove any insecurities from the relationship.

6. We all do things that we dislike for our partner's happiness but it's okay to say no to anything that makes you uncomfortable. Make it a rule to refuse to do things that cause discomfort.

7. No matter what generation it may be every relationship needs some basic things which are trust, love, understanding and friendship and all of these things take time. Promise to be each others friend and give your relationship the time it needs to develop trust, love and understanding. 

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