Relationship Advice: THESE 7 signs tell if your relationship is moving too fast

There's nothing wrong with falling in love and being in a relationship, but it's essential to be in the right relationship before you take any big or long term decision.
Relationship Advice: THESE 7 signs tell if your relationship is moving too fast
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Being in love is beautiful and being loved and in a happy relationship is even better but every relationship has its own pace. The speed at which your relationship progresses is a personal choice and comfort but getting caught up in your lovey-dovey honeymoon phase can be a big problem. It's never a good idea to rush anything. When everything seems like it's moving too fast and happening too soon, it's a sign that there's an underlying issue. Chances are that you're in a relationship for all the wrong reasons and this can take a toll on you eventually. This is why it's important to look out for signs that can help you understand if you're rushing a relationship and if you're moving too fast. Other than this, it's also essential to understand a person and get to know them before rushing into a relationship. Being swept off your feet is one thing but rushing your relationship is much different. There's nothing wrong with being madly in love as long as you don't rush everything in your relationship.

Here are some signs that your relationship is moving too fast:

1. You've rushed into the bed with someone you haven't known for too long. It's okay to have flings and hookups.

2. You've completely forgotten about your personal life and your family and friends and only spend time with your partners. If you start ignoring your family and friends and only remain focused on him, it means you're moving too fast because it's normal if that happens in the initial phase of your relationship but if things don't settle even after a month then you know that there's something off.

3. Within a few months, you've nearly moved in with each other and spend most of your time at each other's places and you're nearly living together and can't stand the idea of not being around each other.

4. You've already discussed marriage and children and you just can't wait to start a family together. You've even decided names for your kids.

5. Both of your parents have gotten involved too soon and you've had the meeting with parents happen way too soon in your relationship. You spend a lot of time with each other's families and friends. This is another red flag to look out for.

6. You're taking financial or personal decisions before you even know the other person well enough. You've been taking big decisions like moving in together or getting married too soon and stepping back might be the right thing to do for now.

7. You're still in your honeymoon phase and haven't had any major fights. While it's not a good thing to fight, but it's not a good sign if you've never fought. Not fighting at all is not a good thing, it only means that your relationship is superficial. 

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