Relationship Advice: THESE signs are hints that you're not ready for a relationship

Being in a relationship is not easy with all the ups and downs. It's important to know that you're getting into a relationship for the right reasons and for that you need to know if you're truly ready for a relationship or not.
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Being single can be very tiring sometimes, more so when it's the wedding season and you see everyone around you getting married and engaged. You come across too many couples and all your friends are in a relationship or just dating someone or the other and it often makes you crave for a companion or a partner. You simply miss having someone to share your life and feelings with. It's okay to miss having that sort of companionship or stability but that does not mean that you should jump into a relationship with the next person you come across. Wanting a serious and long-term relationship is very different from being ready for it. We often feel that we're ready for a relationship but love cannot be rushed. It happens with time and it's essential to know when to take a step back. When you're not ready for a relationship and need more time to prepare yourself emotionally, it's always good to hold back and save yourself the heartache.


Here are some signs that you're not ready for a relationship:

1. When picking a date, you choose someone based on their physical traits and their superficial traits like the way they dress or their social and financial status instead of choosing someone based on their personality and the kind of person they are, it's a sign that you might not be ready for a deep and meaningful relationship.

2. You simply want a relationship because it's better than being single and you don't have to look for a date every now and then. If you're starting to feel lonely, it might be the right time to learn how to love your own self and enjoy your own company instead of going out looking for a partner.

3. If you're still hung up on your ex and simply want to show him or her that you have moved on and are happy and you feel that being in a relationship with someone else will be the right way to go about it, you couldn't be any more wrong. Take a step back and rethink your life decisions.

4. Relationships don't just happen and they don't just last for a long time without any hard work or efforts. Relationship means giving your partner time and love and if you don't have the time or emotions to give someone else, a relationship is not the right way to go.

5. You constantly try to save or fix people. If you're trying to change your partner for the better or if you're chasing after the bad boy in hopes that he will change for you and for your love, it's a very bad idea to get into a relationship. You do not need to fix or change people in order to be in a relationship with them.

6. You have too much emotional baggage and don't want to open up in front of people. it's difficult for you to let people in and let them get to know you because you have trust issues or you feel vulnerable.

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