Relationship Advice: THESE signs indicate your relationship is heading towards a breakup

Not every relationship is meant to be sometimes we run away from the thought that things are just not working out but what we truly need to know is if our relationship is heading towards a breakup.
Relationship Advice: THESE signs indicate your relationship is heading towards a breakup
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All relationships have their ups and downs. Rough patches are a common thing and no matter how many problems your relationship goes through and no matter how many downs you face, what really matters for a couple is that they come out stronger. It's important for every couple to stay strong and if a rough patch turns into a rough relationship then you know that something just isn't right. Sometimes a relationship is not just going through a rough patch, instead, it's simply heading towards a breakup and we're too busy to understand it. Sometimes deep down we just know it but run away from the thought because the idea of a breakup is so painful and depressing that we don't want to deal with it. But, sometimes it's just better to face the facts, deal with the problems and try to fix things instead of allowing your fear to take over and damage your the love & bond.


Here are some signs that your relationship is heading towards a breakup and you need to do something.

1. Physical intimacy is missing from your relationship. It's okay if you take a little break from getting intimate with your partner but if you and your partner don't even do as little as hugging each other or holding hands, then there might be something more than just a rough patch in your relationship.

2. You start to resent your partner and everything about them just irritates you. Their habits and quirks that you found cute now just seem annoying now and you're very snappy with them. You just get angry at them about little things.

3. You and your partner are busy fighting with each other instead of working on your problems and fixing your relationship. Every relationship requires the partners to put efforts into fixing their problems and mending their relationship but you and your partner have simply stopped putting the effort that's required.

4. You feel much better when your partner isn't around. You avoid each other like plague and when you're together, there's an air of awkwardness and you simply want to get away from each other. You either fight or just don't know what to do with each other anymore.

5. You're constantly living in the fear that your relationship is wrecked and coming to an end and you miss the old days when you were happier with each other. Your gut feeling is that things are not working out the way they should.

6. You try to avoid talking or thinking about the future because you just can't see your relationship working in the long run. You know it deep down but you push the thought away when it pops up. The thought of being together in the future makes you uncomfortable and unhappy or maybe it just seems impossible. 

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