Relationship Advice: THIS is why you need to end that on and off relationship RIGHT NOW

Everyone has been telling you to end things with your beau because the back and forth will not do you any good. Read on to find out why it’s important to end your on and off relationship immediately.
Relationship Advice: THIS is why you need to end that on and off relationship RIGHT NOW
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Relationships and love are an important part of our lives but so is stability. Every relationship needs a certain level of stability to survive the odds. Sometimes the love you share is not enough and you fall out of love which is quite normal. You fall in love and date and then things turn sour and you break up because the love wasn’t strong enough to sustain and after a while, you patch up and go back to each other because letting go is difficult.

If this is the story of your life, beware of this relationship. It isn’t going anywhere. It’s like a cycle where you just keep doing this back and forth and you’re are stuck in the same place. This on and off relationship can cause havoc in your life. Here’s why you need to end things right now. 

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1. This constant cycle causes a build-up of anger and frustration. It becomes very difficult to let go of this anger and relieve yourself of the frustration. It burns a hole in your soul.

2. Such a relationship can be emotionally exhausting. It drains you and leaves no room for anything else in your life.

3. It leaves you unhappy and dissatisfied with your relationship. The happiness you get out of it is superficial and momentary. 

4. You feel insecure about your relationship and the future is uncertain. You never know when you and your partner may just not patch up and things may end for good.

5. This relationship makes you weak and vulnerable. It opens you up to exploitation and emotional abuse and you won’t even know. 

6. It’s a constant source of stress and pain. This usually affects one’s mental health and can lead to problems like mental breakdown or depression or even anxiety disorders.

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