Relationship Talk: THESE are the ways to tell your partner you need space without sounding hurtful

If you are feeling a bit odd in your relationship off lately, then read below to find out how you can take some time off by taking a break from your partner without sounding rude or hurtful.
Relationship Talk: THESE are the ways to tell your partner you need space without sounding hurtful
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Be it friendship, or a romance- every relationship needs to be handled with care. Yes, there are differences and two people can want different things in life, but that doesn't mean that you have to end a relationship because of that. Yes, you might need space, and if you think that your feeling suffocated in the relationship off late, then it's time to have that conversation with your partner. Before having a conversation with your partner, remember it's completely normal to need some space from time to time.


And if you want to have that conversation with your partner, then read below to find out how these tips can help you have that conversation without sounding too rude. 


Be clear:


When it comes to a relationship, one must always know what their partner wants and not knowing that can be frustrating at times. So you need to be clear about your needs. You may not know how much space you need, but don't leave them dangling. And when you figure it out, speak to your partner so that you'll be on the same page. 


Give them a chance to express themselves:


One-way relationship never works, if you are asking something from your partner, you should expect to understand their point of view and needs as well. While you should communicate your feelings, you should also be ready to listen. 


Don't fight:


It can be stressful if you feel that you're not getting that freedom and space you need. But this doesn't need to blow up into an argument. You can always talk it out and remember two people can have different expectations in a relationship. 


Address their worries:


It's one thing to hear your partner out; it's another to act on their concerns. Assure them this isn't a sign you want to break up with them, but you just need some time off to think more about it and see how you can make the relationship better. 




Relationships need care, and even if you have to compromise sometimes, it's okay. Send them a goodnight text even if you didn't talk all day. They're sacrificing a little bit to give you the freedom you need. The least you can do is return the favour to make them know their effort is recognized and appreciated.

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