Relationship Talk: THESE reasons tell you why you should not text your ex

Every relationship starts off on a good note, but it's not necessary that every story has a happy ending. If you are someone who is dealing with a heartbreak, then read below to find out why texting your ex is never a good option.
Relationship Talk: THESE reasons tell you why you should not text your ex
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You've always had a crush on this guy, and then finally when you express your feelings, you came to know that he felt the same about you. Soon long phone calls and texts turned into dates and you finally started dating your crush. But, sometimes everything hunky-dory at first, doesn't last long. Sometimes, people break up and part their ways. Some breakups are ugly, while others happen mutually with respect. Post-breakup, for a few days you feel a void in your heart that no one can fill. The feeling of not waking up to the message of the significant other makes you sad. And that's when you think of messaging your ex. You don't realise the fact that it ended for a reason. 


If you are going through the same thing off lately and are confused about whether you should contact your ex or not, then here are some reasons why you shouldn't contact your ex. 


It ended for a reason:


If a relationship ends, it ends for a reason. No matter how complicated things have become, you shouldn't get back on it. It's not worth your time, so make sure you channelise your energy elsewhere. 


You don't want to know what he's up to:


You are thinking about him, and you miss him. But if you come to know that he has moved on with ease, that'll hurt you more and make you sadder. So don't do it for your mental peace.


It will never be a pleasant conversation:


When two people part ways, it usually happens on a sad note. And very few people have a happy conversation post the breakup. Before trying to initiate the conversation, ask yourself, “What’s the point of contacting someone when you know it’s not going to give you anything in return?”


It will become more difficult for you to get over him:


It's been almost a month, and you are still trying to get over your ex. But if you call him again, you’re going to go back to where you started. 


You do not want to give him an upper hand:


You'll text him from a good intention, and he'll come to know that you are missing him. It will give him an upper hand, and that's not worth it. 


You'll undervalue yourself:


If you try to contact him, he'll think that you want him back and hence are trying to reach out. Whereas, you can do much better in your life. So value yourself and don't call him. 

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