Relationship Talks: Here are 6 signs that show you are settling for less in your relationship

We all make mistakes in relationships and love but some mistakes can cost us heavily especially when that mistake is something like settling for less. A lack of self-esteem and self-worth can lead you to make big mistakes in your relationships.
Relationship Talks: Here are 6 signs that show you are settling for less in your relationshipRelationship Talks: Here are 6 signs that show you are settling for less in your relationship
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We've all had that moment when we've just given up on something and just settled for less and while that compromise may have been for the best, that's not always the case. Sometimes settling for less is not the right thing to do. Many of us have had bad luck in love because not everyone can be lucky in love. Some just have it so tough that they simply give up on it and lose all hopes but the hope is what helps us live. Hope keeps us all alive even in the worst-case scenario because hope gives us strength. But some people just lose all hope and give up on love after a few failed attempts and a few bad relationships. They just begin to believe that they are not made for love or they just don't deserve love and that they will probably die alone. While there's nothing wrong with being single but there's a lot of things that go wrong when you just simply settle for less in a relationship because you think you can't get anything better than this. But this can make things worse and turn into bigger relationship problems in the future, this is why it's very important to spot the signs of trouble and take steps to remedy it before it gets too late.

Here are signs that you're settling for less in your relationship.

1. You are always justifying things in your relationship and trying to convince the people around you that you are happy in your relationship and not just that you also try to convince yourself that you're happy in your relationship but it's like trying to save a sinking ship.

2. We all have pet peeves and get irritated because of certain habits of people but sometimes there's more to things than just that. If everything that your partner does just irritates you and makes you resent him or her, then it's a big sign that you may have settled for less and are unhappy with it.

3. It's not nice to compare your relationship with someone else's because every person is different which is why every relationship is different too, but if your comparison goes from healthy comparison to unhealthy comparison and you start feeling jealous because of how happy the other couple is compared to you, then it's a red flag that you should pay heed to.

4. You are scared of breaking up or ending the relationship because the thought of being alone scares you. You don't like the sound of being single and having to jump back into the dating world and taking the risks. You just want to settle in your cocoon of safety and not take any risks.

5. You feel like you're stuck or rather trapped in your relationship but you don't think you could've found anyone better. You simply believe that you're lucky to have found a decent person and share a decent relationship with them. You don't think you deserve anything better than that.

6. You never count on your partner to be by your side in your time of need. You are doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship and you feel like they never support you and you can't seem to imagine a future with this person. 

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