Relationship Tips: Experts REVEAL how lockdown affected Indian couples and give helpful tips

Here's how COVID-19 led lockdown has been impacting couples in India and their relationship. Read on to know more.
Love & Relationships,Lockdown,couples in lockdownRelationship Tips: Experts REVEAL how lockdown affected Indian couples and give helpful tips
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The entire world is following social distancing norms due to the COVID-19 pandemic and millions of Indians are restricted to their home. This has given an opportunity for all of us to spend more time with family. But is this a boon or bane, especially for couples? Many couples are struggling to make their relationship work while there are several who are enjoying this phase together. In case, you are curious about how the lockdown is affecting couples or how they are dealing with this period of self-isolation, then read on.

To analyse how COVID-19 lockdown has impacted couples in India and their relationship, Lasting, a guided marriage counselling application from The Knot Worldwide recently conducted a survey called At Home Together. We asked Dhanusha Sivajee, Chief Marketing Officer and Ankur Sarawagi, India Country Head, The Knot Worldwide to share some important stats of the survey and how Indian couples were spending their time. They also shared some effective tips that can help couples to get through these uncertain times.

1. Why has COVID-19 lockdown help some couples, while it is challenging for others?

Ankur Sarawagi: We believe that, in any relationship, it is important for couples to be able to communicate with one another openly. Since the announcement of the lockdown in India, our At Home Together Survey finds that almost half of the couples have spent quality time with one another by developing healthier habits to improve their lifestyle. Many have deepened their understanding of their partner by communicating more openly, with a majority of them saying they have learned something new about their partner which has led to shared joy. The challenge is when couples are not able to communicate with one another freely to resolve differences.

2. How can couples deal with the lockdown and come closer during these uncertain times?

Ankur Sarawagi: In these uncertain times, the lockdown has brought several couples closer. Many have spent quality time with one another, communicating more effectively and have learned something new about their significant other. Through our study, we found that couples have conquered household chores by dividing responsibilities, picked up hobbies like cooking together, or binge-watching their favorite shows. As per survey findings, couples across India are enjoying doing simple things together for hours which they did not get time to do earlier. This might actually help them come out of the lockdown even closer than before.

3. Your advice for couples who are in a long-distance relationship?

Dhanusha Sivajee: In testing times like these, communication plays a key role in maintaining a healthy relationship, especially for a long-distance relationship. Investing time in communicating via video or audio calls can help couples learn something new about their loved ones. A lot of the couples are also engaging in online games, taking courses online and exploring various hobbies via the internet for recreation. The internet has become a great tool for staying connected. Despite many practicing social distancing, this lockdown has continued to get couples closer through technology. 

4. What are the eye-opening stats of the At Home Together survey? 

Ankur Sarawagi: From our survey, we found that 90 percent of the couples polled have been spending a substantially larger amount of time with each other, with almost 40 percent of them have said that they are spending close to 18 hours a day with their partner. Nearly 77 percent of our respondents believe that they have learnt something new about their partners. About 47 percent of married and engaged respondents and 38 percent of those dating, believe that their relationship has grown stronger.

The lockdown has also brought together couples with their endeavours to utilise their time more effectively. With more than 70 percent of couples preferring to cook their own meal, time spent on ordering food from outside has reduced to 16 percent. Also, 43 percent of our respondents have also said that they prefer shopping for daily items and essentials from local businesses. While any time spent with a loved one is always time well spent, taking time out for oneself is just as important. Roughly two-thirds (62 percent) of respondents acknowledge that it is important for them to take time out for themselves. 

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