Relationship woes? Maybe it is time to take a break!

Everybody goes through difficult phases in their relationship. But sometimes you need to distance yourself from your partner in order to get clarity.
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Wondering if your relationship is going down in the dumps? Are you always bickering and arguing and wondering about life without your partner? Maybe it is time to take a break. Yes, we have all watched and heard about the epic Friends episode where Ross and Rachel don't exactly call it quits but do take a break from each other. Maybe your relationship craves that as well! 

Here are some signs that you need to take a break from your relationship.

You are constantly fighting

From the time you wake up to the time you head to bed, you are fighting. Via text, on the phone and even in person. Fights and arguments are healthy but only to an extent. Too much of anything is definitely too bad. 

You are easily annoyed by everything your partner does

Sometimes, your tolerance level is too damn low and everything your partner starts to do begins to annoy you. It is neither of your faults and it could involve a range of feelings like not being supported, being emotionally drained, etc. 

You need more space

Nobody likes another person constantly breathing down their necks. Everybody needs their personal space and when it is invaded, things do not end well for either of you. When you are constantly questioned about your whereabouts, the people you are meeting, etc. you know it is time to take some break, get the space you require to clear your head and reconsider what you want to do.

You don't want to resolve your issues
At the end of every fight, solutions are found. Issues are sorted out and things end up going back to normal. The problem occurs when you don't care enough to solve your issues. This cause things to build up from both your ends and ultimately put you in a messy spot. At times like this, it is time to take a break and reconsider everything. 


You avoid your partner 

Many emotions are too toxic and you will do everything possible to avoid them, even if this means avoiding your partner completely. If you find yourself avoiding your partner, creating a life without them and making up excuses to be without them, it is time to take some time off from your relationship, to see where this is heading. 

You are questioning the future of your relationship
If you are rethinking the future of your relationship and don't see yourself being with your partner over a long-term, you might want to consider taking a break to think things over. Think about what is at stake and use the break to either test the waters outside, or break it off completely. 
What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know. 

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