Rose Day 2020: Check out the different meaning of roses according to their colours

Updated on Feb 07, 2020 12:45 PM IST  |  2.6M
Rose Day 2020: Check out the different meaning of roses according to their colours
Rose Day 2020: Check out the different meaning of roses according to their colours

Valentine's Day will be celebrated on February 14 like every year with its week-long celebration. And the first day of Valentine's week is the Rose Day when you surprise your loved ones with roses. But roses have different colours with a different meaning for each of them. So, check the meaning of different roses before you surprise your beloved on the big day.

Red Roses


Red rose symbolises true love, passion, romance and desire making one realise that your partner is ready to give a commitment. So, this Rose Day surprise your special ones with red roses to show your deep affection to him or her.

White rose


White rose marks purity, innocence and youthfulness and it associates with eternal loyalty. Giving your loved ones white roses can mark the beginning of a relationship.

Ivory rose


Ivory roses are quite similar to white ones in terms of their colour. But they convey some different meaning, which is associated with charm, thoughtfulness and grace. It also shows perfection in whatever you do for your beloved.

Yellow rose


Victorian era used to see the yellow roses as a mark of jealousy. But now, it means friendship, joy, care, warmth, delight, gladness and affection. You can also give yellow roses to someone for wishing them good luck, welcome back and remember me.

Peach rose


This mild coloured rose signifies genuineness, gratitude and sincerity. You can give this rose to your closed or beloved one to say thank you or show sympathy to that person.

Orange rose


Orange rose, bold as its colour, represents enthusiasm, fascination, desire and energy.

Pink rose


Pink roses symbolise elegance, femininity, refinement and sweetness. Deep pink rose shows gratitude, recognition, and appreciation. And light pink rose stands for grace, joy, happiness and gentleness.

Lavender rose


This rose represents wonder, enchantment, splendour and mystery which are associated with the feeling of love at first sight. So, gifting lavender roses to your crush is not a bad idea.

Green rose


Green rose is associated with liveliness, growth, revives and energy. This also conveys rejuvenation, fertility, balance, peace and stability. So, green roses can be extremely pleasing for your special ones.

Blue rose


Blue rose is all about the impossibility and unattainable. You can surprise your beloved with blue roses to make her feel unique.

Black rose


Black rose is observed in different ways. Some use it to mark death and sorrow. And some people mark it as the beginning of something new. Black roses can encourage us and make us confident bringing hopes for some change.


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