Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius: Zodiac signs and the Dream Wedding they wish for

Today's zodiac listicle is a little special as we have jotted down the various zodiac signs and their dream weddings.
Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius: Zodiac signs and the Dream Wedding they wish forSagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius: Zodiac signs and the Dream Wedding they wish for
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Weddings have to be every girl's living dream. Ever since she is a little child, she has her wardrobe, decor, destination, everything about her big day sorted. It has to be undoubtedly the most celebrated and highly anticipated day of her life. It is that day when she finally meets the love of her life and her happy fairytale love story finds a forever beginning. Well, today's zodiac listicle is a little special as we have jotted down the various zodiac signs and their dream weddings. 

Tuesday is a very lucky day for Aries. You love all sorts of bling, glitz and glamour. You are someone who does not mind going overboard or doing extra. You'd love your dream wedding to be something which is inspired by the Great Gatsby or retro inspired. The ideal honeymoon destination for you would be Italy as it is exotic, scenic and super romantic. 

You're dream wedding month would be September - since you're all about the balance and September gives out equal days and equal nights. Friday is a super lucky day for any Taurean to get married. You're a major music lover, so we are definitely going to a lot of musical performances being performed on your special day. Ireland is a country which'll most probably be your ideal honeymoon destination. You love and crave a place which is peaceful, earthy and mesmerising. 

Geminis are known to break the mould and are usually extremely quirky. You can expect them to get married around the Halloween time and Wednesday is their happy and lucky day. You love to hear and say out stories. A calm and fuss free wedding is more like your style. Your ideal honeymoon destination would be New York City. Since you're all about the calm in the chaos - you'd love a buzzing city as oppose to a quiet place. 

You crave all things romantic and pretty. April is a pretty great time for you to get married and Monday is the lucky day for you. You'd love an over-the-top, avant-garde and magical wedding setting. Your ideal honeymoon destination would be New Zealand - it is all covered with natural beauty, mystical elements and plenty of beaches. 

Sunday is the day when you should most likely be getting hitched. You love the polish and clean tropical vibe. Crisp white drapes, open bar, wooden chairs, a whole beach feel is what you'd essentially be looking for. The South of France is where your ideal honeymoon be. Everything loaded with sophistication, luxury and beauty! 

December! A Virgo wedding has to take place in the most happening month of the year. With golden lights all up, December is the time for relaxation and good vibes. Wednesday also happens to be a very lucky day for you guys. You'd want your dream wedding to be personal, intimate with all your loved ones around. You'd want it to be cosy, colour and done to utmost perfection. Your ideal destination would either be the Caribbean or Greece. You're a complete beach bum, you enjoy the water, you love the scenic beauty and you also enjoy the night-life, hence these two places are perfect for you. 

Friday is a lucky day for the Librans. Yours is going to be a perfect fairytale wedding as you've pretty much mapped out everything about your big day. It is also going to be extremely vintage and classy. You'd love a place which is pretty much balanced out and Japan should be an ideal destination for you, as it is both modern and traditional. 

the wild party animal. December is perfect for you to get hitched. Also, Tuesday is the most favoured day according to your stars. You'd like a nice black-tie theme with glamorous decor. New Orleans is where you should be heading with your partner as it is buzzing with parties, events, gigs. 

Getting married during the Super Moon and you'll have luck following in your marriage as well. Thursday is a great day for you to get hitched. You love anything and everything to do with nature. Rustic, earthy settings is where your heart belongs the most so your wedding is going to have that feel. Australia is your ideal honeymoon destination as it has beautiful beaches, great scenic beauty and is surrounded by nature. 

Anything between New Moon and Full Moon is great for Capricorns. Saturday is a super lucky day for all Capricorns. You're a traditional person who loves a comfortable and formal wedding. You love and crave peace and Bali is where you should be heading for your honeymoon.  

Wednesday is lucky for all the Aquarians out there. You love the universal powerful so a decor and theme which is all majestic and magical will work the best for you. China is where you should head for your honeymoon. As it is surrounded by nature, boasts of a rich heritage, culture and traditions. 

May is the ideal month for you to getting married and Friday is your lucky day Pisces. You're an absolute old school charmer and hence a traditional wedding will suit you the best. Your ideal honeymoon destination should be Spain as it is the embodiment of it all. 

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