Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius: Zodiac sings ranked from BEST to WORST life partners

Zodiac Signs reveal how good of a life partner you will be. What rank are you on? Find out more
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Are you a ‘forever’ kinda person? Life partners are the best things you can come across. While soul mates don’t always end up together, life partners are the kind that sticks around literally till you reach the grave. Life partners are the best people to spend time with, but not all signs are meant to do that. Some of these zodiac personalities have usually had a tendency of wandering off alone and then comes the entire web of compatibility issues. So here are a few zodiac signs ranked from the best to the worst life partners:



Scorpios rarely make it to the best of the zodiac signs. But, when it comes down to being life partners they are the most loyal people in the world and literal GEMS!  A Scorpio will do anything for the people they love but can sometimes get territorial of people they love. A Scorpio will stand by you forever and because of their strong personalities, you will immediately understand if you guys ‘click’ or don’t at all.



Cancers are known as being the "relationship people" of the Zodiac so they are always on top of these lists. They are the perfect husband/wife material because they thrive to be in a secured relationship. You will see the best of them when they are in love.



Libras are hopeless romantics and there’s no denying there. They are not commitment phobic, so once they have found their person, they will commit forever and won't turn back.



Pisces are soft and sweet so they thrive when they are in a relationship. Pisces is the kind of life partner that you can always rest your shoulder on and can trust that they will be there no matter what.



Geminis can be a little self-obsessed, and hence always choose people who they can spend a life with. So, when a Gemini commits their heart to someone, they commit forever, and their love knows no bounds or logic or reason.



Tauruses are known for being easy to commit, but also easy to lose interest. So when they do commit to someone for good, they will make sure to give their best effort to make it work.



Capricorns make for good life partners because they thrive in a steady relationship. They are the best people to have as your significant others because they will literally be by your side every step of the way. However, they can easily get to sabotaging it if possible, so beware of that.



Virgos can make great partners, but the process of getting them to commit is long and tedious. They are so prone to overthinking about the little things that they end up self-sabotaging even before committing. While they pretend to be tough, they are rather romantic by nature and will spend their lives happily committed to the right person if they can ever find them!


9: LEO

Leos are exactly like lions and get fiercely protective of the people they love. This trait makes them a good life partner. They extend their own pride out to everyone who is important to them, and it actually creates a very stable foundation for a long-term relationship or family to grow from.



Aries serves as decent companions, but they are often too logical to relate to.  It will take a little more effort for them to stick around for good.



Aquarius’ are not relationship people but it will seem almost miraculous how quickly they change their behaviour for the "right person" once they do find them. Aquarians are so odd and have such different and outlandish ideas that it can be hard for them to relate to people.



Sagittarius’ are wanderers and explorers, they have set goals in life, so settling down can be a little difficult for them. But, if they find someone they love, they will almost immediately commit for a lifetime.


So though this list is certainly not definitive, it highlights the key personality traits of Zodiac signs that further define their relationships. What rank are you on? Let us know in the comments section below.


I am a Scorpio and find it difficult to even entertain the idea of even trying to enter a relationship as I know I give my all and I'm not convinced I would get anything back.


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