Should you really give your partner access to your social media accounts?

Sharing passwords with your partner is a common phenomenon but it’s essential to see both sides of the coin before you do so.

Updated on Aug 21, 2019   |  02:18 PM IST  |  1.9M

We’ve all dated someone or the other but everything changes when you find that one person that you fall in love with. When you’re madly in love with someone, you feel the need to build a strong bond with them. Every relationship is built on trust and love. Allowing your partner to access your phone and have access to your social media accounts can feel like a very intimate move. To many of us doing this may seem like a big step to show trust. Transparency in a relationship is a very important factor. Giving your partner the password to your prime or Netflix account is very different than giving your partner access to your Facebook and Instagram account. But allowing your partner to have the password of your social media account is a very huge step. But the real question is that, is this really healthy for your relationship? 

It’s a great way to build trust and show your partner that you have nothing to hide from them but it isn’t always a good idea. Sharing passwords with your partner comes with a lot of risks. Before you share such sensitive information with your partner you need to ensure that they are who they claim to be and are trustworthy. You do not want to share your password with someone who you don’t know well enough or with someone you’ve just met. If you share your passwords and allow your partner to access your phone too soon in the relationship it can cause a lot of trouble. This person could commit identity theft or fraud and scam you because of their access to all your sensitive information. If you share this information only after you’ve known this person for long enough and after building a certain level of trust, you need to remember that it is, after all, a relationship and it may not last for forever. In case things don’t end well, your partner may be able to use your social media accounts as a way to exact revenge.

It is also essential to have some online privacy boundaries in your relationship. Having access to each other’s social media accounts can be comfortable and easy sometimes. A lot of people do it simply out of convenience. But if you’re sharing this information because not doing so may be making your partner insecure then this isn’t the best idea for you. Doing so may make things worse for your partner and your relationship. Your partner may start questioning every little thing and every person you talk to. And once you have access to each other’s social media accounts, it’s essential that you set some boundaries and do not overstep it. With all this said and done, having access to each other’s social media accounts does help build a certain level of trust. It will eventually make your relationship stronger especially since most of our lives are online.


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