Sibling Goals: THESE 7 signs prove that your sister is your BFF

Your sister loves like no one else. She is always there for you and knows your likes and dislikes. Here are some signs which will prove that your sister is your BFF.
Sibling Goals: THESE 7 signs prove that your sister is your BFFSibling Goals: THESE 7 signs prove that your sister is your BFF
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Having a sibling is the best thing you can have in the world. A sibling is always by your side and stays by you through thick and thin. There's no bond as special as a sibling bond in the world. And especially if you have a sister, then the bond becomes more special. The best part about having a sister is that no one knows you better than her. She is the one who has been there to see you go from a girl to a teenager to an adult and guess what, she is still there supporting you in everything you do. She is your go-to person for almost everything in life and will be so throughout.


Here are signs which prove that she is your best friend and will be there for you forever. These signs will surely make you miss your sister and will remind you of your childhood days. 


She has always got your back:


Your sister will stand up against your parents for you. Being it saying lies to save you or standing up against your friends, she will always be there. She will support you emotionally and even financially at times.


She forces you to try new things:


Your sister is someone who will force you to get out of our comfort zone. Even if you are heartbroken or are done with life, she will make sure you leave the house and have a great time. 


She shares her clothes with you:


Her closet is your closet. She allows you to wear her expensive shoes and use her brand new bag. 


Sometimes you don't need other friends:


If you’ve got your sister by your side, you don’t need anyone else to share your feelings with or even to hang out. Even if you two are just sitting around doing nothing, you still have fun.


You don't date without your sister's approval:


Yes, you like a guy; he is cute, but if your sister doesn't get along with him, then obviously that relationship is never going to work out.


Your sister is your personal stylist:


Sometimes, if you have to get ready for a party or an event, your sister will help you look the best. Right from outfit to makeup, she'll take care of everything. 


You mutually hate some people:


There are some people whom you can't stand, and hence even your sister hates them. Your enemy, their enemy. Period.

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