Signs that STRESS is killing your relationship

Signs that work stress is ruining your love life
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Having a good career and climbing up the professional ladder is great, especially the ego boost which it gives you. But having a good career and working for 12-15 hours, a day can ultimately cost you a high price. When under stress, you tend to lose connection to your senses; so, you lose your ability to connect intimately with your partner, spouse or boyfriend. In turn, this may affect your relationships and cause your partners to give up. Ignorance has a great effect, which in turn can lead to killing your relationship. The following are some of the quintessential relationship warning signs:

You’re exhausted

If you have a jammed schedule, you are tired, exhausted and probably not sleeping well. So by the end of the day, one doesn’t feel like talking to anyone. So, being intimate to your spouse is just a topic for another day. Stress tends to suppress the hormones and make you feel exhausted for most of the day. If this is the case with you, you need to take a look at your schedule.

Lack of time

If you are constantly fighting because of the lack of time, this is probably because you are stressed due to work. If you are working more than you can take, this will lead to constant arguments. This will affect your quality time with your spouse.

You only talk about business

Even when you are with your partner you only tend to talk about your stress at work. This leads to your love life revolving around your work. This becomes unhealthy and makes your spouse wonder where they fit in your life.


Take the stress out on each other

A lot of stress can result in finding an outlet. On the bad days, it is understandable. But if this becomes a regular pattern, it becomes toxic for the relationship.

Nothing makes you happy

If you are waiting/stressed for a promotion or your boss to praise you at work, milestones in your relationship will not bring you happiness. Little things in your love life will not excite you anymore. If this is the case with you, you need to take a step back and realize what is more important in your life.


Your relationship is just an add-on

If you or your spouse are first married to your work and secondly to each other, this means that your partner is just an add-on to your life. Even if there is stress at work and you still don’t feel like going home to your loving partner, there is something really wrong with the levels of stress and anxiety you are facing.

If you and your spouse are facing any of these issues, it is time to mend the relationship.

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