Sketchy or chill: Decoding his signs in the age of digital dating

"You look hot" is not a compliment when its heard from a stranger.
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As a writer, I am destined to die of one of two things: caffeine overdose and overthinking. As I wonder about the future of dating in the digital age, the latter seems like a very real possibility. I mean, sure, the Internet is an amazing place - home to tear-jerking videos of war-heroes returning home to their dogs, awww-worthy proposals and, of course, Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram account (what, I adore her). But, there is also: other people - especially those who’re listed under ‘single’ on Facebook. The type who swiped right to your picture on Tinder and even before you’ve had the time to process it, has stalked you on Instagram and slid in a, “Hey, gal.” Not smooth, my friend.

Now, I am not against stalking. I wouldn’t mind someone picking up on the gazillion pictures of Starbucks Cold Brew I post and message, “Maybe I can introduce you to the best Nitro blend in the city.” I’d say yes in a heartbeat, you know.

So, how does one tell apart the guy who wants to get into your pants from the one who’s genuinely interested in knowing you? Well, with my sketchy v/s chill cliff notes, of course.

Below is a definitive guide that’ll help you meet people (not the psychopaths and general creeps) when you’re approaching them from the safe distance of social media.

Tinstagramming - Totally Chill

Not a lot of people are comfortable with using dating apps for the purpose of communicating with their potential love interest. If he mentions that he’d seen you on Tinder and looked you up on Instagram, don’t be alarmed. It’s totally not sketchy.

Has no pictures of himself on social media - Major red flag

There is nothing creepier than a guy with no photos of himself on the social media and looking at a chock-full of yours. If he DMs saying how hot you looked in your LBD from your Saturday night party, Block. Him. Now.

Sends his number in case you want to message - Chill (and chivalrous)

Sending his number instead of asking for yours? Marry this guy, I say. Chivalrous men is a rare specie.

Leaves a “No wonder you’re so hot” comment on your Instagram video - Block him. Now

At absolutely no point is it cool to tell an Internet stranger that they’re hot, sexy etc. Even if he’s met you on a couple of dates before and telepathically picked up on you showing interest in him, anything but a “you look nice” is a major red flag.

Uses “LOL”at the end of a sentence - Sketchy

Unless it’s backed by a really funny sentence, it’s usually a red flag. Íf he thinks he can get away by saying, “I saw you in my neighborhood”, and following it with a "lol", he's mistaken. He’s clearly stalking you (damn you, Snapchat) and that’s not cool.

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