Super fun and crazy ways to celebrate Valentines day for all the single girls

Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 14th of February all across the globe and it is touted as the most romantic month in the year
Super fun and crazy ways to celebrate Valentine’s day for all the single girls
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The Valentine romance is enveloping the nation and the entire World. It is that time of the year when couples go all out and take that extra effort to make their special someone feel all the more loved and pampered. While all this is adorable for people who are in love, it is extremely annoying for the singles. Yes, while we do thank our stars for not having someone call us “my shona babu, my cutiepie, my koochu”; we do miss the cuddling, hugging and pampering. We do miss the surprises, romantic long drives and that special care, especially when these couples leave no stone unturned to rub it all in our faces. However, to everyone who is part of the ‘Single Girls Community’; we girls need no guy to be happy (*glares on*). The girlfriend brigade is more than content themselves and clearly, we are slaying it. This V-day don’t feel sad about being lonely, rather get together with your soul sisters and pull off these 10 crazy and fun things. Boo-yeah!

Go shopping

Like we need any more reason to go out there and spend all that money up! Its Valentine’s day and you have all the right to feel all that love; ‘self-love’ to be precise. Buy yourself the perfume that you were longing for, that super expensive bag you were longing for or that ‘sell your kidneys kinda pair of shoes’.

Burn the dance floor

Take a moment and step out with your girlfriends for a night filled with mad music. Swing along, go high and get all crazy with your BFF’s because it’s your day!!

An all-singles house party

Yes, like couples have their own abode and their own themed parties; throw an all-singles house party and play cupid to people present there because there is no better combination than music, drinks and meeting new people.

Love is a ghost

Especially when you have imaginary boyfriends! Celebrate the ghost of love. Love horror movies? Go on a full day movie marathon wearing all white and with your hair left open. Ditch the cliched rom-coms and opt for thrillers and suspense dramas instead.

Do a girls day out

Pamper yourself, buy your best friend cute presents, gift them chocolates and roses, take them out for a good and refreshing spa, click polaroid pictures with them, goof around, LIVE together. *feels at so many levels*

Surprise your best friend

YES! If your best friend is upset over not having a date, surprise them, make them feel loved! Buy her a nice dress and send a note along with it to her workplace or home. Let the note read, “Dinner at 8” and take her to a super fancy restaurant that she is been wanting to go to, for long. (Coz sisters before misters, always!)

Break into a gig

Because we do not need any planning to make our lives happening. Toss open a bottle of champagne, bring in the yummiest food, put on old shady 90’s songs and unleash the Govinda in you. *Tujhko mirchi lagi toh main kya karu?*

A day is created of how you make of it. So do not sulk, put together your happy heart and celebrate! Celebrate the love lost and celebrate the love that is yet to flood your lives; ‘coz darling..we’ve just begun’.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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