Taurus, Aquarius, Libra: What you desire from a relationship based on your zodiac sign

When it comes to relationships, there are a number of things that one desires form their partner but can't openly ask for it. Read below to find out what your partner secretly desires, based on their zodiac sign.
Love & Relationships,horoscope,zodiac sign,personality traitsTaurus, Aquarius, Libra: What you desire from a relationship based on your zodiac sign
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When people say relationships can be complicated, they are not lying. Things are easily misunderstood between partners and expectations rise with time. Secrets and lies are a part of every relationship but when it comes to desires, there is something that everybody secretly desires from their partner in a relationship. It is not easy to communicate a lot of things to partners as some needs might be embarassing or awkward. Hence, to know what your partner expects from your relationship, take a look at their zodiac sign below!


Aquarians are constantly learning and fond of challenges. They try to do as much as they can to help others, even if they need to go out of their way. This is not a big secret, but all Aquarians want from their partners when they are in a relationship, is complete freedom to do as they please and trust them to get back at the end of the day. 


When it comes to relationships, Pisceans are known to be die-hard romantics and want to spend all the time with their partner. They tend to fall in love easily and expect the same from others. They demand that their partner set aside all the habits or traits that the Piscean considers as "bad" just to be happy with them. 


Aries love living life and it is no secret that they want to enjoy life's simple pleasures with their partner. Though they can be harsh and blunt at times, when it comes to relationships, all Arians want is for their partner to stick by their side and oversee the times when their anger or temper has got the best of them and made them too harsh. 


Taureans are all about giving. But they have a high standard and need somebody to match their expectation level in relationships. So, when they do finally find somebody worthy enough, they want their partner to be appreciative of them, compliment them and love them in the same way that they do for everybody else around them. 


Everybody knows how all over the place you are, Gemini. But unlike most, you hide your dark side well. When it comes to relationships, the one thing that you crave for the most is for your partner to accept you completely, despite knowing your exposed side. 


You don't take relationships lightly. So, when you do find somebody to be with, you don't know how to contain yourself and are over the top with everything from caring to pampering them. And all they want in return is to be treated the same exact way. 


It is quite difficult to break your spirit Leo, very few can. Though you are excellent at communicating everything you want in relatioships, the one thing you won't ask for but desperately seek is validation that you are actually as amazing as you think you are. 


Everybody knows that your personality is the guarded sorts. You don't trust very easily and have your own quirks and inhibitions, no matter how much you try to conceal it. And all you want is for somebody to accept you wholeheartedly with the quirks and trust issues. 


Librans dislike awkward situations and uneasiness in any kind of friendship or relationship. They are fond of relaxed environments and expect their partner to be around them without bringing up any sort of conflict or restraints and love them wholeheartedly. 


You are incredibly selective creatures so gaining a Scorpio's trust is not very simple. When it comes to relationships, all Scorpios want is somebody who is worthy of their trust - somebody who can keep their deepest darkest secret. 


Extremely exciting people, Sagittarians love exploring new areas, places and get restless when they are tied down. To keep them happy, all a Sagittarius wants is somebody who can keep up with their exciting and adventurous life or at least somebody who won't hold them back. 


It takes a while for the Capricorn to get adjusted to a relationship since they are used to being on their own and are usually considered cold. At the same time, once they think somebody is worthy enough, they care for them like no other. In the end, all they want is for somebody to appreciate their help and advice that they lend.


I was in relationship unti yesterday with a Taurus. She was to demanding and always told me what to do. 4 and a half years this went on and off.

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