Taurus, Gemini, Virgo: Who are your best friends according to your zodiac sign?

It is an amazing feeling when people ‘get’ you and understand your craziness. Here are the zodiac signs that make amazing best friends.
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When we think about zodiac sign compatibility, it is mostly about the matters related to the heart. But it is an amazing feeling when you find people who ‘get’ you and it makes it even better if they happen to be your best friends. Because let's be real, best friends over some crappy relationship any day!


So here are the most compatible signs that prove to be amazing best friends.



Best Friend: Libra

Aries have an exuberant personality. It is important to find someone who keeps them grounded. Libra is a perfect friend who is able to balance the extra personality and bring them back to the earth.


Best Friend: Pisces

Taurus has a very stubborn personality. Taureans are highlighted by their strength and willpower while Pisces are known to be loyal and unselfish people. This saves them from fighting with each other over strong opinions.


Best Friend: Aquarius

Both of these signs are easygoing and they like to enjoy the simple things in life. While Geminis are known for their many ‘moods’, Aquarius is not scared to take a step back whenever needed.


Best Friend: Sagittarius

Cancerians are typically more introverted whereas Sagittarius is extremely outgoing. This creates a perfect balance of personalities which make them a fun bunch.


Best Friend: Capricorn

Capricorns are very selfless friends while Leos are one of the most dominant signs. Leos are also very charismatic when it comes to wooing people. The amalgamation of these signs creates a great bond of friendship.


Best Friend: Aries

Virgos are very good conversationalists, while aries have their talent and creative minds. As a group, they tend to influence each other in a positive way.


Best Friend: Leo

Leo’s are defined by their loyalty and power. Libras are however a little shy and extremely appreciative of beauty but sometimes they need someone to step in and make decisions for them. Who better to do it than one of the most dominant signs?


Best Friend: Virgo

Scorpios are extremely passionate and emotional. Virgos, on the other hand, are practical and strong headed. They aren’t scared by Scorpio's passion and intensity.


Best Friend: Capricorn

Sagittarius loves meeting new people and they make new friends all the time, but they still need a core group of friends they know are always there for them. Both the signs love to travel and hence make the best of friends.


Best Friens: Taurus

Capricorn is very hardworking and reliable, but what you may not know about them is their incredible sense of fun. Taurus balances this by taking calculated risks which makes them a great team.


Best Friend: Sagittarius

Aquarians are very reserved. They don't require much maintenance or attention in order to stay satisfied. Just like opposites attract, Sagittarii is always on board with their crazy ideas making the relationship fun and fruitful!


Best Friend: Scorpio

Pisces are sensitive, selfless, and creative, and they need friends who won't take advantage of them and who won't get in the way of their artistic expression. Scorpios are caring and sensitive as well which means that it won’t lead to any heartbreaks of broken friendships.

We definitely connect better when our zodiac signs meet. Which sign is your best friend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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