Taurus, Leo, Aries, Libra: The one thing you need after a bad breakup based on your Zodiac sign

Breakups can get weird and nasty leaving you to pick up your own pieces. Here is what you need to get over  abad breakup. 
Taurus, Leo, Aries, Libra: The one thing you need after a bad breakup base don your Zodiac signTaurus, Leo, Aries, Libra: The one thing you need after a bad breakup base don your Zodiac sign
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In life, some things like love and loss are inevitable. People fall in love, go through bad phases, fall out of love, breakup and eventually move on. But the toughest part is dealing with a breakup. No matter how much you loved or didn't love somebody, this phase is hard because one day the person just drops out of your life. Need to get over it? Here's what you need, base don your zodiac sign. 


You have spent so much time with your significant other than you lost focus on yourself. To get over and mend yourself after a bad breakup, you just need to spend some time alone. 


The breakup and relationship you are getting out of has taken a toll on you. No better way to destress yourself than a spa day! 


You personalities are tired from all the drama you have been through. Now, all you need is to sit down with your favourite show, with a bottle of wine and relax. 


You were extremely emotionally attached to the person you were with. To get over them, you need to channel your emotions into another place. And what better place than your friends? Take a vacation with them and help get your mind off things. 


Therapy just doesn't seem to do it for you. But we heard that there is no better therapy than retail therapy itself! Take a trip to the mall and shop till you drop. 


You have been extremely emotionally invested in your partner and need some time alone. Take a solo trip to find yourself again, Eat Pray Love style!


Yes, it is okay to cry out eyes and heart out after a bad breakup, Libra. But you need to pick yourself up and put yourself back together sometime. And what better way than a huge tub of ice cream and some cheesy films to get over things once-in-for all?


No matter what, nothing seems to get your mind off the person. What you need to do is take your best buddies to the nearest bad, get drunk, cry your eyes out, curse and get everything out of your system. You will realise that there are worse things than a breakup, when you are getting over the hangover. 


Some might frown upon it, but you need to get back into the dating field to really get over your ex. Get a rebound to take your mind off things and learn to chill and maybe even fall in love again!


Dating hit you hard and you learnt it the touch way. Now, it is time to remain single for a wile and take a break from the field. 


You're that person in the romance movies who cries her heart out when she is heartbroken. You need change in your life. And what better way to incorporate change, than getting a new haircut?


After a relationship, all you need is comfort and love. A nice and long hug from your best friend or your mom can do wonders for you. 

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