Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius: What every zodiac sign is like when they are in love

There are a certain characteristics everybody who is in love has. They may seem cheesy, mushy or even just normal! Check out how every person is when they are in love.
Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius: What every zodiac sign is like when they are in loveTaurus, Leo, Virgo, Aquarius: What every zodiac sign is like when they are in love
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One of the easiest techniques to tell if a person is in love, is that they immediately seem happier, fresher and have a swing in their step. Some might start to listen to love songs, relate to films, etc. But are they romantic as well? Do they remain loyal or continue to flirt with other people? Do they make an effort in the relationship or only expect things from you? Read on to find out. 


When they are in love, Aries are extremely forward. They show that they are interested in your life and you will be the only person who is the object of their interest. When Aries are in love, they want to know everything there is about you and mixed signals aren't a thing for them. 


No matter how much in love they might be, Taurus are extremely guarded creatures. They don't trust easily and are always putting you to test until they know that they can trust you. Once they are in love, they expect a storybook romance from their partner, so beware! 


When a Gemini is in love, they have literally zero chill. They are completely swept off their feet and remain committed no matter what and this won't burn out right away. 


When a Cancer is in love with you, they do their best to keep you happy and try to make you laugh. They are extremely emotional and don't want to get their hearts broken, with good reason but you will know they are in love with you because they make it a point to do anything they can to make you laugh. 


When a Leo is in love, they become extremely protective and possessive. They want to be yours and yours alone. They may put their arm around you in public, try to hold your hand and essentially try to make you feel like you wouldn't want to be with anybody else. They make you feel loved and wanted. 


When a Virgo is in love, they act like they aren't interested in the other person at all. They play it like they don't really care about the person and pretend to be super chill around them. But over time, they will let you know how they truly feel. 


The ultimate managers of peace and balance, they tend to be super cautious when they are in love. When they fall in love, Librans tend to weigh all the prospects and all the possible scenarios before they confess to being in love. 


Known for being one of the most loyal in the zodiac sign, they have a personality of "everything or nothing". They are extremely insecure and worried that you are still seeing other people on the side. 


A Sagittarius in love is is everything you see in the movies. They are your ride or die, your partner in crime. They want to experience everything with you and will take you places, try to make you laugh and do everything they can to please you. 


Planners of the future, Capricorns like to be well grounded and always like to know where they stand in the relationship. They need to see a future and know that the relationship is going somewhere. If they don't see progress, they will lose interest. 


You know an Aquarius is in love when they take time out from their work to be with you because for them, work comes first. You will be their most perfect distraction and they will not hesitate in letting you know about it. 


When a Pisces is in love, they are completely head over heels in it. You will inspire them in the most creative ways - they will write poems for you and if you want a grand gesture, know that they will even move across the country for you!

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