Taurus, Leo, Virgo: What your Moon Sign relationship personality is & why it is more important than you think

In many cases, your moon sign is even more important than your sun sign! Read on to know what it is and what it means.
Taurus, Leo, Virgo: What your Moon Sign relationship personality is & why it is more important than you thinkTaurus, Leo, Virgo: What your Moon Sign relationship personality is & why it is more important than you think
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When it comes to astrology, one thing everybody is aware about it their sun sign. But not many people are aware about their moon sign. But there is no day without night, when the true personality comes out. Then why don't many people know about their moon signs? It is because to determine the moon sign, you don't just need the birth date but more details like the time of birth, day of birth, etc. making it harder to derive as compared to the sun sign. 

Your moon sign is known to show all your needs in a relationship. Read on to know your moon personality. 

Moon in Aquarius

You are sightly hard to figure out and always feel different as compared to other people. You need your alone time in relationships since you are extremely independent and an overthinker. You don't like to be accepted as part of a unit and love to be by yourself. 

Moon in Pisces

You are the most sensitive of the signs and almost always sense what your partner is going through. You like to take long breaks to get away from the daily grind and long baths, and of course lots of romance from your partner to keep you going. You need somebody just as sensitive as you when it comes to loving you. 

Moon in Aries 

You hate routine and predictability. The thrill of sudden love is what turns you on and what you are looking for is excitement and passion with your partner. You are extremely honest and put all your feelings on the table. Before jumping into something new, ensure you are prepared to finish what you start. 

Moon in Taurus

For you, it is all about sweetness and sensuality. Routine, stability and predictability are all huge turn on for you and activities like hiking, cooking or playing music with your partner are extremely essential. You love luxury like soft sheets, good music, meals , loads of touching and kissing to do it for you. 

Moon in Gemini

You are always thirsty for more information and your partner ought to be as smart, smarter or be able to catch up with you to maintain contact throughout. You need words as your contact no matter how close or far you are - for you, conversations are endgame. You need to talk everything out. 

Moon in Cancer

You love it when people express their true feelings and emotions. For you emotional security is top priority. For you to trust them, you need to know that they are all in the relationship and then you become the extremely supportive and nurturing partner everybody would kill to have. 

Moon in Leo

You are a wild child at heart and love to be seen, heard and even worshipped. You need to constantly have romance and excitement for you to remain interested in the other person. Once you are into it, your creativity and generosity towards your partner will spill out. 

Moon in Virgo

You try and do everything possible to make your partner's life seem easier and almost always want the same in return. For you, love and relationships are all about being there for each other at any time or reason. You want to be able to support your partner's mission and want them to be the same way for you. 

Moon in Libra

You hate when people are treated badly or unjustly. You need to constantly be surrounded by beautiful and peaceful environments to function properly. You love all things beautiful and do your best to ensure your surroundings are perfect for you to actually be happy with somebody else. 

Moon in Scorpio

You run deep and are either all in or all out. You need a commitment like no other. You take things like promises, space, love and commitment very seriously and this can take days so ensure your partner knows not to receive updates till you are sure, yourself.

Moon in Sagittarius

You love adventure and want to explore new places with your partner. You want to do everything together - learn new things, travel the world, hike, go on retreats, etc. together. And in all of these places, you want to go all out on the PDA. 

Moon in Capricorn

What you really want, is everlasting love. You thrive on admiration and always want to be recognised by your partner for all your achievements and endeavors. You are a naturally responsible person and love and care for your partner like no other. 

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