Taurus, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini: The Zodiac signs you should NOT date

In an effort to help you avoid major romance disasters, here are a few zodiac signs that do not work well together.
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We bet you must have checked your love compatibility by going through a lot of articles on the internet. But, while love can be difficult to find, it can be more difficult to find someone and realize that you are not compatible with them. Sometimes even if you put your full effort, you later realize that the chemistry just isn’t there.


To avoid that, her eare a few zodiac signs that you should not date. These are completely based on personality traits and can differ from person to person.



Aries do not gel well with Cancer individuals. Cancerians are very sensitive and when it comes down to that Aries are not the most patient people. While Aries are spontaneous people, Cancerians like to think about things before taking a  step.



Aquarians, like to break rules all the time while Taureans think ‘if it ain’t broke why fix it’. While opposites attract, this relationship can be a little annoying after a while.



Capricorns are good people but they will not exactly match up the spontaneity of a Gemini. They can bore a Gemini so much so that they can bore them to tears.



Cancerians are very emotional people and they do not go well with the extra practical personality of Virgos. Virgos are very critical and keep their emotions hidden deep inside the surface.



Leo is one of the most dominant signs of Zodiac. While Leos are fun and spontaneous, Scorpions can get overly emotional and jealous of that. Leo’s charm can hardly impress a Scorpio which is why they do not exactly work together.



Sagittarius people love the chase while Virgo tries to stay away from it. Sagittarius people are carefree and charming but they often don’t realize how their action can affect a Virgo.



Scorpios are immensely intense and emotional but they love to fight for things they like. Libras, on the other hand, love harmony and like to stay away from any kind of conflict.



Both of these signs are independent and love a good challenge. But can often end up challenging each other and banging heads in response.



Sagittarius people are spontaneous and like to do things that excite them. Taureans on the other end like to be comfortable in their own space and remain down to earth. Their personality doesn’t match each other hence do not make a good couple.



Capricorns are more steady people while Sagittarius is more on the go. The easy to go attitude gets to Capricorn’s nerves making the relationship a big flop from the first day.



Pisces can be a little demanding for an Aquarius. Aquarians need a little stability hence they gel well with independent and carefree signs.



While Pisces may be dreamy they do not exactly enjoy the company of a Gemini. Geminis can often feel tied down around Pisces which will eventually make both of them feel restless.


So, in an effort to help you avoid major romance disasters, these were a few zodiac signs that do not work well together.


What else would you want to know? Let us know in the comments section below.

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