Taurus, Virgo, Leo: What your Valentine's Day will look like based on your Zodiac sign

Updated on Feb 04, 2020 08:42 AM IST  |  1M
Taurus, Virgo, Leo: What your Valentine's Day will look like based on your Zodiac sign
Taurus, Virgo, Leo: What your Valentine's Day will look like based on your Zodiac sign

Valentine's day is one day that singles dread and couples look forward to. A day of pampering, hearts, chocolates and romance that will fill them to the brim. It is a day of romance and love with everybody from businesses to restaurants celebrating the day. Unsure about how you are going to be spending the day this year? Let your stars do the talking for you and reveal what exactly this day has in store for you!



You might have to make an extreme choice when it comes to your relationship irrespective of how serious or casual it was. There is the possibility that this may go either way - it might either break off or hit off like nothing else. 



Your V-day will be peaceful. If you are in a committed relationship, consider a simple dinner and exchange of sweet, meaningful presents. If you are single it is time to treat yourself. Buy yourself that new outfit and wear it on this day to make it a tad bit special. 



Though you are not sure about where you stand right now when it comes to relationships, you might need to make a few decisions, that will be for the best. This will bring you closer to the one you love the most, so don't beat yourself too much about it. 



If you are single, it is a great night to unite with your family for some sense of assurance. If you are in a relationship, things might go south. There is a high possibility that you or your partner will start to be overly critical and judgmental of each other. 



Your V-day will be all about satisfaction if you are in a relationship. It will be smooth and you will get clarity about the future. If you are single, it is the right time to figure and think about who you want to be with. 



To you, Valentine's day is just like any other day. You don't want or expect anything lavish and like that things take their own time and pace. You like the energy you have been receiving from people around you, and that's all that matters to you this day. 



Considering how you are ruled by the planet of love, there is no better time to be in a relationship, Libra. You will be pampered, loved and made to feel special on this day. If you are single, bask in your sense of individuality and take hold of the reigns of your life. 



You will be extremely affectionate on this day towards your partner if you are in a relationship. Be wary though as this might get suffocating! If you are single, you would want to keep it that way rather than get into a relationship just for the sake of it. 



You will be extremely cheery and sunny irrespective of whether you are in a relationship or not. While you have the right opportunity to hang out with somebody if you really want, you manage to do just fine even without company. If you are out with your partner, you will radiate happiness and positivity and rejuvenate the romance. 



This time will test your emotions. You will learn how to control your feelings about being single rather than lashing out at people in love around you. If you are in a relationship, this is the right time to come out of your shell and show your partner your true colours. 



This day and week even, is incredibly special if you are in a relationship. You will get closer to your partner. If you are single, work will be good. This is the time when your creative juices will flow. If you are attracted to somebody, there is no better time to tell them!



If you are single, don't hesitate from being affectionate towards your friends and family. If you are in a relationship, there is no better time to take it to the next level, talk about your future and where it is going. Make plans over a lavish candlelit dinner date and follow through! 


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