Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio: This is how the zodiac signs react when they are HEARTBROKEN

While some of them pretend that it doesn’t affect them and others cry in the privacy of their room, every zodiac signs deal and react to heartbreaks in different ways.
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We have all had our fair share of heartbreaks, be it with a broken relation or a broken friendship. Heartbreaks have their way of shattering you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it coming for a long time or if it was out of the blue, heartbreaks can be terrifying. While some of them pretend that it doesn’t affect them and others cry in the privacy of their room, every zodiac signs deal and react to heartbreaks in different ways.


Here’s how each zodiac sign reacts when they are heartbroken.



Aries may look like they don’t care but underneath that strong and hard exterior, they feel insecurity to another extent. They feel like their enthusiasm will make them forget about their heartbreak.



Taureans hate change and if they get away from something that they were a part of for a long time (i.e a relationship), it hits them hard. They keep their dark thoughts and insecurities buried inside to maintain a facade.



Like Aries, Geminis will also act like they don’t care but in reality, they do care a lot. Unlike Aries, however, they're proud and a little superficial, so they believe the problem lies in the one who broke their heart.



Cancerians are the most distrustful, so opening up their hearts to someone and getting it broken by them causes a lot of pain to them. They will constantly vent about the past to figure out what went wrong.



Leos have a very fragile ego. So getting their heartbroken by someone (instead of it being the other way around) really scars their ego. Since they have a lot of pride they will make it look like it does not affect them and move forward with their head up high.



Virgos are the most analytical, so they sense a heartbreak coming. And when the heartbreak comes, they have already figured out ways to distract themselves from it.



Libras are not as prideful as Leos. But, they are very charming so when they are heartbroken they’ll probably find someone to heal their pain.



Scorpios are one of the most emotional signs. They feel heartbreak in full force. They’ll remain sad, angry and obsessed for a long time until they don’t feel the pain anymore.



One of the most romantic and charming signs, they’ll act like they don’t care but deep inside they do. It is just that they will not let a heartbreak hold them back. They like to move forward to bigger better things.



Capricorns will simply accept a broken heart. One of the most ambitious signs, the will move on and they to prove their worth which also distracts them from the painful feelings.



Aquarius do not fully devote themselves to a relationship, so when their heart breaks it does not affect them so much.



They are the most sensitive people. If they get their heart broken, they will go in a full mode of self-pity. This brings out all of their insecurities and feelings of unworthiness.


While heartbreaks are the worst, copping up with it does make you stronger. How do you deal with heartbreaks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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