THESE are the 5 signs to look out for to figure out if he is two timing

Being in love is amazing, however, there are times when everything isn’t as rosy as it seems. Have a look at these 5 signs to know if he is two timing with you or are you just overthinking it all.
THESE are the 5 signs to look out for to figure out if he is two timingTHESE are the 5 signs to look out for to figure out if he is two timing
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You meet the perfect guy, he is sweet, kind and loving. However, chances are that he is as sweet, kind and caring with someone else also. You might at times feel that something is wrong or have an intuition that there’s something he’s hiding. At such times, it is natural for you to be suspicious and a little sneaky.

Sometimes your suspicions can, unfortunately, turn out to be true. However, it can also be that you are just overthinking and falling into your own trap. To be clear, here are some signs that can help you figure out the truth about your guy. 

He doesn’t answer your calls

Now, there are definite chances that he is genuinely busy. But, it can also, on the contrary, be that he is just avoiding you as he is with his second special someone.

You can’t touch his phone

He is overly secretive and possessive about his phone and always keeps it hidden under his pillow or in his pocket. 

Always doing overtime

Again, this can be genuine. However, if this is a regular thing, then it might be a sign that he is lying to you and is somewhere else with another partner.

There are visible changes

Suddenly his taste in clothes has changed and he has started applying more deodorant than ever. He takes time in getting ready and is always busy grooming himself.

He has inexplicable items 

If you go in his room and see never seen before items in his room, chances are that these have been given to him as a gift by someone. You can inquire and try to read his body language while doing so.

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