THESE are the 5 tips on avoiding unwanted relationships this cuffing season

Cuffing season is here which means more holidays and getting cosy under the sheets. The pressure to find a date during the holidays is difficult to cope with. Here are ways you can avoid getting involved with unnecessary flings and spend your holidays more productively.
THESE are the 5 tips on avoiding unwanted relationships this cuffing season
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Cuffing season is associated with the phenomenon of finding a companion to go on romantic dates with during winter and spending your holidays in the company of a potential romantic partner. This season sounds romantic and cuddly, but it also comes with consequences. These consequences occur when spring comes in and you realise you gave into the bait of falling for someone who wasn’t meant to be or supposed to be there in the first place. The feeling of being with someone out of loneliness during this time is inevitable, but there are ways you can avoid getting into the trap of finding yourself in an unwanted relationship with the wrong person.

The pressure to find a romantic cuddly partner during the cuffing season is real as the cold weather equals lonelier and desperate times for single people. This may result in settling down with someone who you may not even have feelings for. To avoid all the unnecessary drama, follow this easy guide to survive the cuffing season without getting heart broken.

1. Start by loving yourself

Sounds a bit cliche, but the most important fact to remind yourself constantly is to love yourself. By accepting all your flaws, insecurities and your personality traits, you start to enjoy your own company more. You don’t need a partner to enjoy the holidays with. You are self sufficient and self reliant to spend it all by yourself. 

2. Get over the stigma of being single

Take pride in being single. All you need to do is look for red flags and be wise while dating. Always remember that there’s nothing wrong with being single. You are only being smart and picky with your options because there’s just too many and it is your choice, your decision who you decide to be with or invest your time in. Being single comes with lots of advantages like having time for yourself, your friends and family.

3. Find a hobby or a better distraction

This goes without saying, finding a hobby or a better distraction to spend your holidays more productively is a good alternative to investing your time into someone else who is temporary. Get yourself acquainted with new skills or you could finally take part in cooking classes during the holidays.

4. Utilise the holidays to bond with family

Since you’re busy with your job all year round, holidays are a good opportunity to spend it with family and strengthen the bond with them. Spend time together, talk to them or even pick up a new hobby that you can do together.

5. Explore your options before settling down

Finally and most importantly, do not settle for less. Know your options and know your worth before deciding to settle down with someone. Tread carefully, look for all the red flags and if you genuinely feel there is a connection between you two then go steady with the flow and trust your instincts.

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