Relationship Advice: You need to stay away from THESE 5 types of toxic friends

Some friendships are not really worth the trouble and saving them is impossible because they're just toxic and they poison your life; Read on
Relationship Advice: You need to stay away from THESE 5 types of toxic friendsTHESE are the 5 types of toxic friends that you need to stay away from
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We all have friends but we've also come across those friends who're not really worthy of our time. These so-called friends are the kind of people who probably dislike the most and just can't stand but you just do so out of pity or gratitude or something good deep down inside of you but you don't deserve a bad friend who disrupts your mental peace and can never really be a true friend. Such people are really just the bad apples of the lot and you're bound to come across such a person at least once or twice in your lifetime.

These people are toxic for you and instead of dragging a toxic friendship like this you should probably consider dropping these toxic friends and replacing them with real ones who matter a lot more. Keeping toxic people are can take a toll on your mental health over time and instead of running off to take a break just break up with these kinds of toxic friends.

Here are 5 kinds of toxic friends you need to keep away from:

1. Narcissist

A narcissist is more than just someone who clicks too many selfies. They have too much self-importance and they lack any empathy. They always crave attention and love but don't want to give any. Such a person will take up all the space in your life and there'll be nothing left for anyone else.

2. Critic

They just love criticising. They'll find faults in anything and everything and they will point it out in a harsh way. They'll constantly judge you and shame you and blame you for everything. Their criticism is not positive criticism and it'll not get you anywhere. They don't bring anything to the table other than negativity so it's better to cut them out of your life instead.

3. Gossip Monger

It's fun when you have someone in your social circle who comes and updates you when something happens. They're always updated on the latest gossip and they love hearing all the gossip and drama. You're truly better off without such people in your life. They feed off the drama and will probably create some in your life and they cannot live without gossiping. If they're gossiping about others, remember that they won't hesitate to gossip about you as well no matter how close you are.

4. Energy Sucker

Such people are emotional vampires or leech. They'll just latch onto you once you give them the opportunity and then they won't let go. They're far too dependent on you and they're not very understanding. They'll be more demanding than anyone else in your life and they simply drain your energy and emotions and leave you feeling exhausted.

5. Competitor

The classic frenemy. They say keep your enemy closer than your friends. Such people are always competing with you. There's nothing that you can do to change this. They always see you as the rival or the competitor and this friendship is all about competing who is better.

 There's a constant unhealthy competition between you two and they're always boasting about their achievements whenever you try talking about yourself.

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