THESE are the 5 zodiac signs who lie the most in their relationship

Some people tend to lie in their relationship sometimes to avoid confrontations. But this may lead to greater conflict in the bonding. Are you one of them? Find out based on your zodiac sign.
THESE are the 5 zodiac signs who lie the most in their relationship
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There is a saying that honesty is key for a healthy and happy relationship. And some people truly maintain this by being brutally honest to their partners. But on the other hand, some people are not so honest every time in their bonding. They tend to lie sometimes to their partners. 


They don’t do it to hurt others. But they do it actually to have peace in the relationship. For them, being transparent is not always healthy in a relationship. That can hurt their partners. Are you one of them? Your zodiac personality trait can tell you because according to astrology, there are 5 zodiac signs who tend to lie sometimes in their relationship. 


5 Zodiac signs who sometimes lie in their relationship. 



People of this zodiac sign often tend to lie to their partners. They validate other's emotions a lot, so they don’t want to hurt them. Hence sometimes they become dishonest just to keep everything in peace. 



They love their partners but at the same time, hesitate to ask for something that they need. So, they want it indirectly from their partner and don't mind getting it with the help of some lies. They can’t ask for something directly, hence they need to use strategies. 



These people have a very charming personality, but they try to manipulate people sometimes. That’s because they want to avoid any kind of confrontation. But Librans can try to be a bit courageous to face confrontations. 



These people often lie in their relationship, when they can’t accept the truth easily. But their lies are on a smaller scale and don’t hurt their partners intensely. So, they need to be a bit more practical to think logically and accept the truth without any lie. 



Aquarius people also lie on smaller-scale that don’t damage others that much. But they often get entangled with their own web of lies.

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