THESE are the 6 tips to sustain a long term relationship

Are you planning to go for the long haul in your relationship because you think you have finally found the perfect partner and it is time to take things forward? Well, it can be a challenging step for any couple to sustain a long-term relationship and we are here to give you tips on how to do that.
couple laughingTHESE are the 6 tips to sustain a long term relationship
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The real challenges for any couple begin after three months until then it’s the honeymoon phase where everything seems nice and romantic. In any relationship, there are problems that need to be solved, there are things said out of anger, jealousy and frustration that you don’t mean, but at the end of the day what is important is that you love the person you are with. So, it is important to stick around during tough times, through ups and downs, the good and bad both.

When you cross the one year benchmark in a relationship, you feel it is time to take things forward with your partner and take it up a notch by either introducing them to your family or thinking about tying the knot with your partner. However, to make that decision and pop the question to aim for a happily ever after, there are certain tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth transition in your relationship without any obstacles and hurdles. These are the tips you can use if are in it for the long haul.

1. Talk about your feelings

No matter how difficult it may seem to express your deepest thoughts, it is important to channel out your energy and express all kinds of emotions in a relationship with your partner. Talking about your feelings gives you a perspective and you always feel good. 

2. Be honest about your intentions

It is better to be clear about your intentions at the beginning of a relationship so that the other person is aware of their expectations and knows how to deal with it. Instead of playing mind games and giving a silent treatment, it is better to be honest and trust your partner they will do the right thing.

3. Give them space

When you are with your partner 24x7, sometimes it gets a tad bit overwhelming and frustrating. You have more fights, there is no chemistry left and there are only heated arguments about small things that don’t matter in the bigger picture. Hence, it is better to give your partner some space at times, give them time to think about what they want out of this relationship and to miss you.

4. Stick to your decisions

This is an important step for anyone who is in a long term relationship. Making big decisions and sticking to them is the biggest challenge. When you say something without thinking twice or make false promises, it often leads to disappointment and hurtful feelings. It is essential to stick to your decisions, whether they’re in favour or not as it avoids giving them hope or leading them on. Don’t go back and forth, be clear and concise with what your intentions are.

5. Choose to express and communicate

Communication is key to a good and happy relationship. Being vulnerable is not a taboo, it is good to express your feelings and to show a sign of vulnerability as this implies that you care about your partner. 

6. Have faith

At last, with everything said and done, it is important to have faith and not be scared to commit. Have faith that this time it will work out for good, take a leap of faith for the right person and hold your ground as this shows signs of maturity and stability.

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