THESE are the stages that every couple goes through in a long term relationship

Every relationship has its ups and downs but other than that the stages of a relationship help people understand if their relationship is meant to be or not.
THESE are the stages that every couple goes through in a long term relationship
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Everything in life isn't straight. Life is like a graph where everything goes up and down. The graph of like cannot always go up because eventually, it'll turn boring and monotonous. The ups and downs of life are important. Just like everything else, there are stages and phases in our lives. You probably remember your teenage phase where you were a hot-headed teenager who thought that his or her parents are the enemies and rebelled. You also remember the phase where you grew out of it and got mature and realised how wrong you were. Just like this every relationship also has certain stages and phases. These stages in a relationship are the true test of love and commitment and compatibility. This is how you actually find out all about each other and your relationship. These stages are what decides the future of your relationship and a number of relationships fizzle out during the course of these stages and then there are those who work out and reach a point where everything remains balanced and realistic. If you're trying to understand what's happening in your relationship, knowing about these stages may help.

Here are the stages that every couple goes through.

1. It all starts with the wooing stage. This is the stage where couples get to know each other and woo each other. They flirt and text and talk till late night and go that extra mile to impress each other till they start dating.

2. The next stage after this is the honeymoon period. This is the phase where couples act like newlyweds and get to know each other more. They explore the lovey-dovey side of their relationship and enjoy that spark that they feel when they're around each other.

3. After the honeymoon phase, couples transition into the understand and settling in phase. This is when reality strikes. They get to see the true face of the person they are with and learn to understand each other and settle in. This is when they form a more emotional bond and explore their relationship. A number of relationships end at this phase because the honeymoon period is over and things turn more real.

4. This is where the real drama starts. The next stage is where disagreements happen. Your partner just doesn't live up to your expectations and you can feel the sadness and disappointment seeping in. This is when you have fights and arguments and there's a lot of anger and you learn to grow together and resolve conflicts. This phase too takes a toll on couples.

5. This is the stage where you have started getting comfortable and have learnt how to handle problems and resolve conflicts. You achieve a certain stability in your relationship and learn to move forward together. You understand that love and commitment are much more than just being in love.

6. This is the stage where you know that feeling that spark, when you hold hands or feeling those butterflies, is not important. There's more to love than sparks and butterflies and jitters. You learn to compromise and love your partner no matter what. At this stage, with or without sparks, you know that you're meant for each other and are ready to live with it. 

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