THESE are the things that can help you stay independent in a relationship

Some relationships need love and care, and behind every successful relationship, there are two independent people. Here's how you can be independent while being in a relationship.
THESE are the things that can help you stay independent in a relationship
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Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world. Most of us love being in a relationship and spending time with our partners. The feeling of comfort that comes from being in a committed relationship is unmatched. Your partner is your best friend, and you can easily confide in them. You can sit in comfortable silence with each other binging on Netflix or go out and have fun. But all this only happens, when you can maintain your independence despite being together. If it ever feels like you're losing your identity in a relationship, it's time to take some steps and appreciate yourself more. 


Here are some ways in which you can become independent while still being in a relationship. These tips will not only make you happy but will also add more spark to your relationship. 


You are responsible for your feelings:


Firstly, you need to stop basing your happiness on your partner's actions. Your feelings and emotions are your responsibility. No one can make you happy if you can't make yourself happy. Yes, you need security and love from your partner, but in the end, the only person who can make you feel anything is you.


No is a good word at times:


You need to learn to say no and accept it too.  Thinking that you can behave any way you want while your partner has to do things according to you can lead to a toxic balance of power in a relationship and make you more dependent on them. Sometimes if they say no, accept it and move forward. 


Understand what's important to you:


You need to accept that no two people are the same;  you and your partner can have different priorities and values. You may be all about work while they may want to concentrate on the relationship. So figure out what your priorities are and understand theirs. It'll lead to agreement, freedom, and compromise - things that are essential for a healthy relationship. 


Say yes to girl's night out:


When we are in a relationship, our time usually revolves around our partner and that's not good after a point. For your sanity and happiness, it is important to sometimes go out without your girlfriends and spend time with them. It not only builds trust and confidence between the two partners but also increases appreciation for each other.


Love yourself:


This is the most important thing that you need to do for yourself. Knowing your worth and refusing to accept anything less than that will not only help you find healthier relationships but will also make sure you are not overly dependent on anyone. 

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