THESE telltale signs prove you are someone’s rebound

Feeling you are in a rebound relationship? People don’t announce that they are looking for a rebound. Here are signs to help you know if you’re in a rebound relationship.
THESE telltale signs prove you are someone’s rebound
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Being in a relationship is beautiful, but not so much if you are a rebound. No one wishes to be in a position where the person they are dating is not over their ex and using you as a shoulder to cry on or bury the pain – not exactly the new, exciting relationship you were hopig for, is it? No, people don’t just announce that they are looking for a rebound (well, most of them). They might not even realize that they are treating you like one. 

So, if you are a rebound, you are going to have a confusing ride. Rebound relationships are all about regret, sadness and confusion. Not only does it hurt the other person, but it also destroys the relationship as a whole. If you think you might be able to change the person seeking a rebound, you might want to rethink your decision. But if you are still confused by their behaviour and don’t know whether you are a rebound or not, keep reading on. 

Here are 7 signs you are a rebound. 

You find it difficult to bond with them on an emotional level  

No matter how hard you try to get them to open up with, you are unable to. Chances are they are not going to as they didn’t start dating you with the intention of having a long-term relationship. And if all about physical intimacy, then it's possible that you are just a rebound. 

Your relationship isn’t going anywhere 

Saying ‘I love you’ for the first time, telling your friends and family about it, or meeting each other’s parents – these are some of the phases every healthy relationship goes through. But if your relationship isn’t going forward naturally and your partner seems least interested then that should be your cue to understand that you’re a rebound. 

They talk about their ex all the time 

If your partner finds a way to talk about their ex one way or another, there is a chance that they are still hung up on old feelings. And if they constantly compare you to their ex – this means that they are keeping you and their ex on a pedestal and trying to figure out if they made the right decision. 

They are showing you off a little too much 

Showing your new partner off isn’t a bad thing. But when someone is over-excited about showing you off to the world without actually knowing you first, then it not such a good sign. When you are in a rebound, things may feel out of place a bit. 

They are hesitant to introduce you to the people closest to them 

Of course, you can’t expect someone to introduce you to their family within a few weeks of dating. They should be comfortable and willing enough to introduce you to their closed ones. However, if a decent amount has passed and they are still not introducing you to their family, they’re probably not going to. If that’s the case, you might be a rebound. 

The relationship is moving too fast

On the other hand, someone trying to get over their ex is probably looking for a person to lean on and bury their pain. If you haven’t been together for too long, but your partner is behaving as if you’ve been in the relationship for years – it’s either a fairytale come true or you’re in a rebound relationship. People coming out of a long-term relationship can be quick to lean on others to find closure. 

They are not over it 

If your partner claims that they are completely over and show no feelings whatsoever after a long-term relationship, that could be a red flag. If a person is indifferent, that could mean that they are disconnected with their emotions and not over their previous relationship. 

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