THESE zodiac signs experience maximum anger after a breakup

Not every relationship works out and we've all had heartbreaks and breakups and we've all been hurt in love but for some people, it' just not easy to move on and their anger gets the worst of them after a breakup and they tend to take it out on their ex.
THESE zodiac signs experience maximum anger after a breakupTHESE zodiac signs experience maximum anger after a breakup
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Breakups are a common problem these days but they can also be emotionally painful. When relationships end it leaves you with a lot of different emotions and makes you question everything and everyone. Moving on becomes a tough task and every person handles it in a different manner. For some people isn't processing their feelings is much easier than it is for the others. Some people simply let things go because it's not worth wasting their time and energy in the things of the past but for some people, it's just too tough to let things go and forgive someone who betrayed their trust and broke their heart. Forgiveness doesn't come easy for everyone and it can take a toll on them. Some people tend to feel the angriest after a breakup because maybe it was a nightmare or maybe their trust was broken or they just didn't see it coming, whatever it may be. Some people simply can't let go of the anger at the lack of loyalty and honesty from their partner's end and it makes them mad and pissed off. Here are some zodiac signs who feel the angriest after a breakup.

1. Aries

They're known to be hot-headed but their anger burns out as fast it heats up. Though their anger doesn't last too long they do tend to get pissed because a breakup tends to hurt their pride and ego and they're not one to just forget it and move on. They're competitive and they don't like being dragged behind on an emotional level.


2. Cancer

They're known to be a highly emotional and sensitive sign and a breakup is always like a betrayal for them. They're empathetic but if you hurt them it all just goes out of the window. Their harsh words will do the maximum damage and they will hold a grudge. They don't like opening up and being vulnerable in front of people and if they trust someone and do it and then that person hurts them, they'll just shut you out and lash out at you without any sympathy or empathy for that matter.


3. Scorpio

We've all heard about a Scorpio's anger and when it comes to a relationship, this sign expects loyalty and a breakup seems like a betrayal that they're not going to let go of. They're emotional and when they're hurt and their heart is broken by someone they trusted and opened up to, and that person caused them to lose control of things, a Scorpio will do their worst. They will be angry and they'll breathe fire in your direction and we suggest you flee and get as far away as you can.


4. Capricorn

They have an ego and that does not let them let go of something so easily. They tend to put the entire blame on their ex and suddenly after the breakup, their ex goes from being the perfect angel to a flawed devil and they don't forgive easily. They'll remain angry and hold grudge do their worst until their ego is satisfied.


5. Taurus

They take their own sweet time to find the right person and open up to them and when that person breaks their heart it isn't easy for them to move on because they tend to overthink a lot about their relationship. They're the kind who'll cyberstalk their ex and when they see their ex being happy it pisses them off even more and they're not one to let go. They'll hold a grudge and unleash their anger on their ex. 

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