THESE zodiac signs often bury their feeling of resentment in a relationship

It's normal to dislike your partner or resent them for their actions and habits and behaviour but it's not a good idea to hide or bury these feeling and emotions because that only makes everything much worse.

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THESE zodiac signs often bury their feeling of resentment in a relationship
THESE zodiac signs often bury their feeling of resentment in a relationship

Relationships and love are beautiful but it's not necessary that they go in the right direction every time. Sometimes things just go wrong in a relationship and cause everything to turn chaotic. No matter how much you love your partner sometimes they just do little things that piss you off and when these actions and behaviours get out of hand, it begins to take a toll on your relationship as well. While it's essential to remain honest in a relationship, some people simply want to avoid conflicts and confrontations and want to carry on living peacefully and this a why sometimes people hide their resentment for their partners and act like there's nothing wrong. Most people repress their feelings and emotions of anger and resentment towards their partner in a relationship because it's too much of a hassle to take that risk and deal with conflict and explain what they feel. They just take the easy way out by hiding their feelings in order to prevent a fight or an argument but this too eventually damages the relationship but this mostly happens because for some people it's a part of their personality to not express. Here are some zodiac signs who hide their bitterness towards their partner.

1. Libra

They're not very confrontational by nature and try to avoid as much conflict as possible and when it comes to their partner, they try to avoid conflicts even more. They will hide their emotions and bottle them up just to avoid any fights but eventually, when it gets too much for them to handle, they will have an outburst.

2. Pisces

Pisceans find it very difficult to say no to people and they're very kind by nature which is why they end up in situations that they don't really fancy. This is mainly why they up feeling bitter towards their partner. They end up doing things that they don't want to because they don't want to hurt their partner and then they start resenting their partner but don't say anything because they're just too kind.

3. Capricorn

They will do everything just to keep their partner happy even if it means focusing on their partner's needs more than their own. They also hate dealing with their own issues and feelings and they avoid doing so by burying their heads in work and staying as busy as they can and this is how they hide away the acrimony.

4. Taurus

They're stubborn and hate hearing 'no'. Having to hear 'no' pisses them off and makes them feel bitter and angry. But they usually hide their anger because they are known to be strong and in their book, expressing emotions is a sign of weakness but this often makes them feel even more angry and frustrated.

5. Virgo

Virgos are known to be very critical and judgemental by nature and they are also known to analyze every little thing. They often get irritated with the little things that their partner does but they try too hard to ignore it by repressing it but that doesn't always work because often these little issues turn into big issues because of their habit of being too analytical and repressing their emotions.  

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