Things you should never tolerate in a relationship

Here are some relationship behaviours you should never tolerate.

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Things to never put up with in a relationship
Things you should never tolerate in a relationship

We may occasionally give individuals we care about free permits, but there are some habits that you should not accept in any relationship. People frequently fall into the trap of overlooking certain character faults in their relationships because they are afraid of being alone or having strong affections for somebody. But, regardless of what you accept, we all need to be cherished and honoured as human beings. Sometimes love obscures the signs that you're in a poor relationship. Remember, respect always comes first in a relationship, no matter who or how you love.

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Here are 5 things you should never put up with in a relationship.

1. If your partner dominates you

Controlling people are always trying to undermine your confidence and put you down, whether in private or in public. They appear to try to highlight your shortcomings and make you feel self-conscious about your eccentricities. They will attempt to control you in accordance with their tastes and desires. They may also want to keep track of where you are and who you are with at all times.

2. If your partner gaslights you

If your partner begins to put things you've said or done into doubt by claiming they didn't happen, it's an indication they're gaslighting you. Your partner is usually attempting to gain power and influence over you by misrepresenting reality and forcing you to question your own judgement and instincts.


3. If your partner abuses you emotionally and verbally

Attempts to terrify, control, or isolate you define emotional abuse. Your partner may employ a variety of phrases or behaviours in order to manipulate, threaten, and maintain control over you. These are all prohibited behaviours. Abuse can be aimed at you, but it can also be directed at things or people that are important to you.

4. If your partner disrespects your boundaries

Unhealthy boundaries are characterised by disrespect for your own and others' values, desires, needs, and restrictions. If your partner consistently crosses your boundaries, is unwilling to discuss boundaries with you mutually, or you notice that your partner is guilt-tripping and shaming you for even having boundaries, your relationship is likely to be very undesirable and could become abusive if your partner's behaviours continue and keep escalating.

5. If your partner isolates you

It's a red flag if your partner strictly enforces who you spend your time with. You should not be isolated from your friends and family because your partner is uneasy and unhappy with you spending time with others. Don't let them isolate you from individuals who can expose the toxicity in your relationships.

Tolerate nothing that makes you feel inferior. Being in a toxic relationship can have an impact on your mental health and how you perceive the world. Identifying violent behaviours is the first step toward self-protection.

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