Thinking of dating a younger guy? Here are 8 things you need to know before you say yes

Your relationship with someone younger may not make your family happy, but before you get into it, ensure that it at least makes you happy.
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Relationships are complicated and age-gap seems to be a major setback for a lot of people. But since we have seen Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas getting hitched, it has become less of a taboo. It’s difficult to date a man younger than you in our orthodox Indian society. If a man does the same thing, it is completely alright but when the tables are turned it becomes a big deal and you end up facing a lot of backlash from society. For years, women have been oppressed with such orthodox and unfair rules. We have been limited because of words like a cougar but now with changing times, we can expect a gradual change in social standards. But it starts with women taking control of their choices and not limiting themselves. So, if you are in love with a younger man stop being ashamed of dating him, but it’s better to be prepared before you get into a relationship with unexplored dynamics. Here are some things you should know before you get into a relationship with a younger guy.

1. A younger man might have more energy. He’s younger and has a lot more hormones and energy running through him and his stamina may be much higher than you.

2. He won’t be jealous of your wisdom and your career. He won’t be insecure because you earn more than him. Younger men are much more comfortable with his masculinity and appreciate you the way you are.

3. He may not be married or have a long-term relationship in his past which means he has less emotional baggage.

4. This also means that he may not have enough experience with relationships and may have problems resolving conflicts. He may not be emotionally as mature as you expect.

5. A younger man may have different priorities in life than you. He may not want a family and children as soon as you do. He may want to focus on his career first.

6. Commitment for him may not be the same as you. He may not want to commit at all or give tags to your relationship. A younger man may not want to settle for a long-term relationship just yet. He may want to simply have some fun.

7. A younger guy may actively seek out some adventure in life. He may turn out to be happening and fun may want to do adventurous and spontaneous things in life. He will definitely spice things up in the bedroom.

8. It may be difficult to adjust in his social circle and you can expect immature behavior from his friends or it may even make you uncomfortable. Don’t be caught unexpected.

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