Times when you just shouldn’t text him

Believe us this is going to do wonders for your relationship
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Let’s all unanimously agree to the fact that true love these days has become more difficult than bagging a job for oneself in Google. Making life easier for you and I, let’s put things down in retrospect. It’s this time and age wherein social media is definitely the deciding factor of one’s character, personality and basically his entire life. We come from that generation who basically introduced the whole concept of fast dating and break-ups at large. A tad bit of discomfort and chagrin and one’s made their decision of “moving on”; your heart immediately pangs and explodes for the hundredth and eighty-seventh time (so much for true love, right?)


While love is madness, the whole ride gains its momentum when it is all about the chase. Phone calls and text messages have become the cupid in disguise in today’s world. Relationships have become a concoction of confusion, insecurities and dilemmas. The speed with which it begins, it takes exactly the same amount of time or even lesser for it to fizzle out. Many times, girls assume that those initial sparks and rosy moments are love. They give in their all, their peace, time, energy just to work around that very relationship. Honestly, that is when one falters the most. They don't take one step at a time and just rush into things especially with pouring out their feelings during the most vulnerable times. There are quite a few instances wherein texting literally jeopardises the entire relationship. Read them out carefully.


When you are drunk

Well, love and alcohol have a history and one that can swing either way. However, since we are all here to save you, we believe that it is a pretty bad idea to text when you’re drunk. Not does it makes you vulnerable, you let them know how much you miss them or how much you want to be with them. Let’s be honest this somewhere makes the other person feel that he has conquered your heart and will start taking you lightly.



After your first date

There’s a reason why old school romance always lasted. To know if the guy is really interested in you, let him text first. And, then you can take the baton forward and continue the conversation. If you text first, he might just start feeling that you’re too looped into him.


When you’re having an outburst

One can show their real and sensitive side once they’ve gone a certain distance with the person. If you’re not in the right frame of mind and are angry beyond words then just switch off your phone and come what may, “do not text”.



When he sends uninterested replies

Yes girl, we can’t let anyone talk to you as if they’ve been forced to talk to you. Act cool. If you think he isn't replying with the same interest as you are, then tell him that you’re caught up and that you will speak some time later. Do not specify when, what time, just tell him later. He will himself get back on track and chase you.  


When you’re missing him too much

While we get it that the volcano of your love is surely erupting within you, in your heart, you don’t have to pour it out infront of him immediately. It is not like we aren’t asking you to be expressive but give it time and let your relationship bloom before you tell him all this. Or else, frankly, he’ll think that you’re quite the ‘chipku’ and will develop cold feet towards this relationship.



There definitely is a gargantuan amount of pure love that’s been loaded on to this planet for each one of us; but it is equally ladened with thorns, barren lands and betrayal. Bask in the glory of love and let it conquer your soul ‘but’ organically and when the heart gives a go ahead.

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