Tips to reconnect with an old crush

Updated on Oct 06, 2021 10:40 PM IST  |  88.6K
Tips to reconnect with an old crush
Tips to reconnect with an old crush

A crush is someone that you admire and like. You cannot ever find a single flaw in them. Your heart skips a beat at whatever they do and say. When you have a crush on someone, everything looks rosy and romantic! But as time gradually passes, you somehow start to lose interest in them because of the lack of any developments in the “relationship”!


But when you do see them after a point of time, you cannot help but feel tempted to reconnect with them. So if you want to approach an old crush of yours but are feeling hesitant to do so then follow these simple tips given below.


Connect with them on social media


Social media is a boon when it comes to reconnecting with old friends or even crushes for that matter. All you have to do is look for them on social media and send them a request. If they are even the slightest bit interested, then they will surely accept it!




Get in touch through a common friend


Since your old crush might be in your school or college, it is likely that you might be able to find a common friend. So simply text that common friend and reach your old crush through them if you are too shy to directly reach out.


Send them a message


Sometimes a simple ‘hi’ is enough to get things going. So don’t feel shy or scared to message your crush. Be brave and message them to start the conversation with your old crush!




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